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  1. Hey everyone, oldskoolgrower's threads have inspired me to grow some mj on my own instead of paying for bud when I want it, so when I need it I can go to my personally grown stash and grab a bud :) .

    My space (desk behind a door where the computer is supposed to go) is about 2'4" tall. About 1'2" wide, and about 3 feet deep. If I hollow out the drawer it would be 3'4" tall

    What strains would I be able to grow in the space?

    What kind of things can I do to make it as discrete as possible?

    Thanks for all suggestions.
  2. sorry to tell you but there is no strain that will grow to a fully mature plant with a 3ft limit
    you might want to look into buying a large diy like closet/shelving unit (the fiberboard ones from wal mart that have doors in like the home furniture section) if you cover the inside with mylar you could keep light from beaming out and if someone askes whats in there you coul tell the clothes and shoes or books and paper work good luck
  3. Well what you could do is use is t'5 and a lot of them. I'd probably go with 10 6400K for veg and 10 2700K for flower.

    Best way to minimize pot height would be to either make a 5/6" high table and fill with with ProMix BX.

    You could veg the plants to the size you want them finished off and when you flip them feed them one of the following Dr Nodes, Top Load, Maga Bud or PhosphoLoad. These additives will stop all vertical height in your plants. So if you plant is 1 1/2 feet tall it'll stay that way.
  4. How high do typical lowryder strains usually grow?
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