Suggestions for first oil rig under 200 dollars

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  1. So I've been smoking weed for at least seven years now but I only recently just started getting into dabs. I'm looking to get a decent oil rig but I don't want to spend tons of money. Many of them don't even come with nails, and to get a titanium one (which I would want) is a chunk of change as well. I'm thinking that the maximum I would be willing to spend is 200 dollars. Can you suggest a rig for 200 or less that you think is pretty good?

  2. Got this bad boy in the mail about a week ago from 6 in recycler with a thick ass glass nail and dome for 23 shipped. And the glass it a lot thicker than I expected. About 4 or 5 mm

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    All of the cheap online shops in the US, TAG in the last post, atomic smokes, green buddha, max quality, dandlco, they all get their pieces from dh gate. It's actually funny to browse shops on dh gate and then see the same pipes on the shops here for 40 bucks more. Buy a DHGate piece, they really can be awesome. Some are absolute crap though, you can tell whats what easily. It's the ebay of china basically. I have another in the mail right now. The problem is they can be a bitch to clean and they get dirty quick. Poorly made joints do that. But really it's no problem, they all function great. Some are f'in amazing. one seller has a 8 to 13 arm that looks better than a toro in person, you can't even see the joints and its 5 mm. One of my friends got it for $65.
  4. Check out @the710store on Instagram and get you something American made for under 200 shipped.... Nail and all. 
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    If you want something unique then Hamm's water work seems different than what other brands are banging out. although the cheapest hamm goes for $220 without nails. Sov just came out with the econoiline which is $170 on ALT. If those are too much then I think Wicked sand will be your best option. They have a sidecar rig for $120-$150 which is a steal for what it is IMO. All of these can be purchased through ALT, try go poke your head over there and check out what they got.
    Ooh, thanks man. The Wicked Sands Honeycomb Blasted sidecar bubbler looks really nice. I might have made my choice. 
  7. for concentrate you don't usually want a lot of diffusion.  The majority of high end glass are heady mini tubes/sculptures with 2 or 3 hole stems.  If you can go to a good head shop, that's your best bet.  You can water test some different pieces (any good shop will let you water test pieces)  if they don't, walk out the door.
    Go check online shops to get an idea of prices of a few brands so you can compare with the shop, a lot of shops try to rip people off.
    One of the pieces I really enjoyed was a buddys cheap mini tube with a 2 hole downstem, and I've owned quite a lot of high end glass through the years.  
  8. On aqualabs you can go under a section called "cheap vapor rigs" they Max out at $200 and are all very high quality name brands. Also startin nov 4 they're all 15% off

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