Suggestions for first grow please

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mouser31, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. Seeds from The Vault are one town over..last place I ordered from, 1st to arrive. Cudos to The Vault team!! So..what do I start with?

    Sweet Mango AUTO Feminised
    Auto Northern Lights Feminised
    White Widow x Big Bud Feminised
    Auto AK Feminised Seeds
    Special Queen #1 Feminised Seeds
    Blue Cheese Feminised Seeds

    I want to start them all, but my space allows 2 plants tops...1 would be better i think


  2. I am currently growing Northern Lights Auto Fem myself. They have been in DWC system since January and they seem to be doing all right. I am curious as to how the Sweet Mango would come out.

  3. I've heard white widow is probably the easiest for beginners.. Don't know how true that's is... Good luck.. Cheers 🏼️

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  4. ive heard that NL is low on he smell-o-meter. Im still trying to figure out a good vent system. This might be a way to ease in. The Mango does have its appeal though.
    With the big bud cross Im not sure I have the light at the moment to take advantage...Im haunting the COB build threads and planning to build a killer light, but it hasnt happened yet.

  5. Northern Lights (don't know about auto) is one of the hardiest cannabis strains out there.. If there's one strain that's the cockroach of weed, it's Northern Lights, IMO. Great beginner strain. Great resistances.

    I'd pop my autos first. No need to worry about photo-period. Just learn watering/feeding habits and skills.

    As far as suggestions, since you don't have anything listed at ALL except your strains, you're going to do exactly what I tell you. [​IMG] Just kidding!

    Seriously, K.I.S.S. Keep. It. Stupid. Simple.

    Read lots, ask questions, USE GOOGLE. Wait. The order should be, USE GOOGLE, Read lots, Ask questions. Because it's all there. All been done. Mostly ;)
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  6. What kind of system have you got started?
    Room, Closet, Tent:
    Ventilation (if needed):
    Other info that would help:

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  7. I agree with Sensei, pop a few autos first, then some photos about 4 weeks in. As soon as you harvest your autos your photos should be a good size for 12/12 flip, and now you've got some bud to hold you over.

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