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    i have had some seeds for a while and have been saving em for a better time but now i have to get rid of em and dont want em to go to waste; its about 45F outside, i have nearly no supplies for another week and i have no means of doing it indoors, is there anything i can do to prevent as much life lost as possible?
  2. Dude, not to be rude, im drunk so excuse me, but if you dont specify a seed (im assuming its bagseed) we cant tell you anything. Different strains have different flowering periods and harvest times. Read through a few pages of the growing sections. You can learn a lot.:rolleyes:
  3. bagseed, i dont have time cuz they r allrdy germin
  4. Lol you could be reading this whole time as their germinating.

    your bagseed could finish flowering early, or could finish late. Theres no telling.

    I know this is a stupid ass comparison, but thats like saying, i got some eggs but i dont know what they are, and i live on earth. What are the best chances of these surviving after hatching? Btw its cold here.

    Well, if their penguins, chances are good.
  5. rlly i was just asking if they would even survive just starting from seedling and if theres anything i can do to keep em safe in the cold. if u dont want to explain plz atleast direct me to a thread that answers these questions.
  6. they r done germin, and i want to plant asap before anything happens.
  7. o and all i have is about a cup of simple organic soil and 6 cups of "conditioner" soil, there r no N P K or PH readings on either of the bags, would it b safe to use this 6:1 ratio? dammit i fukin hate it wen shits falls in at the rong time. plz some1 gimme any sort of advice, ANYTHING!!!! :'(
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    sorry for bein an ass bro. But honestly, its not time yet, and your not prepared. Maybe find a sunny secluded spot, put your soil in a hole and plant um and hope for the best. Other than that, you shoulda checked before you germed bro!

    Cant just take seeds and germ um and think theyll grow outside. Theres season for it.

    If you read and really want to, you can be prepared to grow when the time comes up here.

    And ile tell you right now, 7 cups of soil aint enough to do an outdoor grow, especially for more than one plant.
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    o i know 7 cups aint enough but i had to germ asap(2 days ago) and then a cold front rolled in after day 1, i was asking if i even had remotely a chance of the seeds surviving with wut i have at hand now because im not able to get the required supplies for another week, i have to get rid of them cuz of people not agreeing with their existence and i didnt want them totally go to waste. so i pray and ask the ganja gods for help on here.
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    Well, honestly the ganja gods arent around in feb, they come out in april and shit but dont get strong till may.

    Btw, how come you had to germinate asap?
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    No offence but,
    not a great idea to start a germination with no plan...:rolleyes: Seeds dont go to waste unless you throw them away, or you germinate them without a plan. If your going to grow, more than anything else, you need patience grasshoppa! ;)

    He did. He said go read the growing forum. Your response was that you didn't have time. Again with the patience thing.

    Anyway, my answer is NO, they probably wont survive. Its too early, its too cold, and you dont seem to want to put any kind of thought into em ;) Hope that helps dude. GL! and keep us posted! :)
  12. shit. im putting as much thought as i can into it, im rushing and cant even think bcuz a roommate was gonna get the blue involved if i didnt get em outta the house.
    i aint a total nub at growin. im sneaking the cups in at night wen my mates sleepin and i put em on a heating pad on low(soil doesnt go warmer than 60F), then bring em out wen it reaches around 60 - 65F. but then again ive have never done outdoor so i dont even know if this is stressful to them. im just worried about the soil organic "conditioner" that i had to suffice with; ive never heard of anything like that and was wondering if the "conditioners" run on the acidic side on average(if there is an average).
  13. You gotta get a ph testing kit. And test the ph.
  14. no money till next week.....
  15. put them in the sun in the day and in your car at night it will keep the frost off them and they survive until it heats up Ive done that succesfully before and since i started them so early and they grew i had monterous plants by the time they budded and they were also really good bag seed i had no idea when they were gonna flower but since they were outside i just took care of them till they flowered

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