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    I am developing a smart lamp. I have leds (good certified 3w leds) for this:
    02 led UV 420nm
    10 led Deep blue 450 nm
    10 led Blue 470 nm
    04 led Green 520nm
    04 led Orange 617 nm
    10 led Red 660nm
    16 led Far red 730nm
    10 led White 4000k

    I have thought the following:

    For plant growth:
    Cycle 7 seconds blue-green(that percentage blue-blue?), 3 seconds red + orange. I explain: the blue turns on, the red turns off, the red turns on, the blue turns off, and so...
    To simulate the sunrise: blue 10-15 min (that percentage blue-blue?). Should I change the time here?
    To simulate the sunset: white + far red 10-15 min. Should I change the time here?
    To half cycle of darkness: white + far red 10 min, this is for avoid flowering.

    For plant flowering:
    Cycle 3 seconds blue-green, 7 seconds of orange and red (here mix of far red too?, that percentage?). I explain: the blue turns on, the red turns off, the red turns on, the blue turns off, and so...
    To simulate the sunrise: blue 10-15 min. Should I change the time here?
    Tto simulate the sunset white + far red 10-15 min.Should I change the time here?.

    The UV leds?, Every day, every other day, an hour a day, 10 min every days?... I know UV is needed, but not so much.

    Tell me if I'm wrong, or can I improve that?, Can you teach an experimental method?.
    I want to do phytochrome cyclic manipulation, But I do not know the mix of colors.
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  2. sounds like you have it figured out .
  3. No, surely there will be lamps like that. The idea is that someone with experience, or who knows, what color mix to make for each case.
  4. Why would you turn leds off and constantly vary the spectrum? Not a single light manufacturer I know of on the market does this. Does the sun change spectrum? The only reason some led's have veg and bloom modes is to switch from a slightly more blue leaning spectrum to more red. This is because red makes for less stretch and more dense bud growth in flower. Blue tends to make more vigorous veg growth. Most of the newer lights are moving away from putting together an array of different spectrums like your plan. They're using mostly white leds that are full spectrum then some add red's, blue's, and UV/IR.

    Not seeing the benefit to turning any lights off. You'd need to complicate the crap out of the circuitry to be able to do that for no good reason. You'll also build a light that may be 1000 watts but only runs at 500 because half the lights are always blinking on and off.

    Not trying to be offensive but I hate this idea.. heheh.

    It would be much better done with 3 dimmers. One on blue, one on red, and one on the rest of the leds. Program the light to Dim both the others compared to red to simulate sunrise and sunset. In the middle of the day have them all on. Make two middle of the day settings. One for veg with more blue leaning spectrum and one for bloom with a more red leaning mid day spectrum.
  5. If there are several, this is one:

    Is turn off red on blue... is the duty cycle. But, my problem is the mix of colors, ande pulse frequency.


    Give it about 30 min of Far Red at dusk, it is as if the night lasted 3 hours before the lights went out, making the days of our cultivation longer for our plant, but within the same 24 hours. It is as if they were the night and daytime period at the same time.

    The idea here is to do the PHYTOCHROME manipulation, also to simulate the sunrises and sunsets. The work cycle, red-blue and pulse frequency of each color, save a lot more energy, and with 120W, you can get very good results.
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    I can see the theory behind it but I did spend a little time checking out the iGrow youtube channel. The plants are very unimpressive. If there was a lot to this theory as far as increased plant growth wouldn't they be growing larger plants then others not using this technique?

    Not seeing the very good results. Growing is something that is all about results. If they could top 2 grams per watt with these techniques people would listen.

    That video is over a year old. Haven't they harvested 4-5 times since then? Were is the follow up videos with the impressive results?
  7. Why would you use green leds?
  8. I read out there, which is good in combination with blue.

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