Suggestion: Bring the Box Back With Restricted Access

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Jimi Thing, May 27, 2010.

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    Now, there a couple of ways this could be gone about being done. In my opinion, the most practical solution would be to disallow any new members, say 6 month old accounts and under, from posting in the box, and for the posters who are granted the ability to post in pandora's box, I would reccomend that any rule violation within the box result in a temporary suspension of box posting privleges, the length of which depending on the severity of the violation and whether or not it is a repeat offense. The new posters would have to first pass a sort of probationary period in which any rule violation would add time to their prohibition from posting in pandora's. I believe this would be a very effective means of eliminating a majority of rule violating threads/posts.

    As someone who has lurked the box nearly daily for the past two years, I can tell you that almost everytime I see one of those infamous "how much (insert drug here) do I need to take to feel fucked up" threads, the OP is almost ALWAYS a new poster who is simply not yet familiar with the rules. This is an internet forum, the rules are not going to be respected by those who have not yet developed an appreciation for how great this place really is. The 6th month period will allow posters to develop that sense of appreciation before they get the privlege to post about other drugs in the box, and once they finally earn that privlege they are not going to be so willing to throw it away with a rule violation.

    I truly believe that these changes would be effective in creating the rule abiding enviornment in pandora's that the mods have been trying to create all along. The box was an integral part of this community, and the city is just not the same without it. As I read another poster say earlier, taking away the box takes the counter out of counter-culture community.

    Please, everyone feel free to add to, alter, or criticise this idea.
  2. I agree with what the above said. Except new members can post, but are watched more carefully. That being said, we are going to have to keep an eye on our fellow Pandora posters. Just so it won't go back to being no drugs besides marijuana.

    It just doesn't feel right on GC without the Box.
  3. That sounds so complicated when we could just get used to the fact that other psychotropics are no longer allowed.
  4. As stated, many times, the decision to no longer allow the discussion of other drugs is final.

    Warnings were repeatedly posted stating that if things continued the way they were, this was going to happen.

    It happened and it's not changing back to the way it was. If the 'other drug' discussion within Pandora's Box is the only reason you're here, then you're missing out on the community as a whole and should probably search for another site that will let you talk about 'other drugs' since you're not really connected to the City as a community...the Grasscity Community.

    For those who can't understand...the Box (Pandora's Box) still exists for the purpose in which it was intended. It was never, ever, ever a forum for the discussion of other drugs. It was turned into a forum that resembled one that was for other drugs...but that was never it's intended purpose.

    I hate to be more blunt than I already have in what seems like a hundred threads but it's over and done with. The decision is final. Nothing about it is changing. It is what it is.

    For those that can't live with that, we completely understand and understand that you'll probably want to find a new community where that discussion is welcomed with open arms.
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