Suggested Grow Room Setup?

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  1. Hi all am a new grower and am planning on using a 2.0 by 2.0 by 2.0 meter grow tent, was wondering if anyone could give me some suggested setups for lighting with a 400 pound budget, how many plants can i put in here? and weather to use different lighting at different stages etc. Thanks in advance for any advice :)

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    I would scrog 3-4 plants and use 1 600 or maybe 2 400 watt vented hood (depending on how well you can cool it). You could make a cheap rdwc system or just go with dirt as w3ll (I prefer the ease of hydro but thats just my opinion... I would suggest mh during veg and hps during flower but I know of people that run hps the whole way and do well with that too.

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  3. 90w UFO Led. Ebay has the best deals.
    I got a Veg UFO (Blackstar) for $120 where it sells for $249 retail. My Led Ufo is currently running one plant she's a bushy one too. However, I have a friend who has the same light, supportin three plants, it's a beast. 
  4. Hi there I would go with a 600 hps and grow 6 plants in a tent 1.2 X 1.2 meters.  I think your tent os 2 x 2 is a bit on the large size with the budjet of 400.  Go for the smaller tent as 6 plants under a 600 should give you a decent yeild and give the plants plenty of room to.

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