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  1. I feel like there needs to be a thread that people can come to when they want to find new music in a genre they're interested in or list bands you like and we'll see if we can't find you some similar bands that you'll hopefully enjoy.
    Feel free to post any kind of music you find interesting that you think others would like and feel free to ask about certain genres, and hopefully we'll get some people knowledgeable in those genres to help you out.
    I'll say I'm pretty good with most types of music except rap, so I'll contribute as much as I can, and I'm hoping others will do the same.

    My current suggestions-
    -Lemon Jelly (trippy and yummy)
    -The Temper Trap (a weird combination of a lot of good bands in my mind)
    -Jimmy Eat World (have loved them for a decade, so I'm biased)
    -Justice (very electric/dancey, but Genesis is one of my favorite songs to smoke to)
    -of Montreal (a better, more out-there Passion Pit)
    -Goldfrapp (loooove her music... I can only describe it as electronic music to make love to)
    -Ladytron (similar to Goldfrapp in that it's electronic with female voices, but not)
    -Keane (mellow, chill music that just makes your heart move... his voice is amazing 'Sunshine' and 'Untitled 1' are good starting points)
    -Delta Spirit (I only enjoy the Ode to Sunshine album, but they have a new, but old sound in rock/blues)
    -Sleigh Bells (I swear, I don't predominantly listen to chicks in electronica, but they're a little more full of beats... good stuff)

  2. The Cure - (there non mainstream songs) Although i realize the cure have been known for releasing some very popular not so stoner friendly songs they do have some gems.
    Examples - The Pornography Album, Disintegration, Homesick, Prayers for rain. ect.
    The Black keys - Nuff' Said
    The Lovetones
    The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Outrageous album titles? awesome
    My Bloody Valentine - NOT Bullet for my Valentine or w.e the hell that emo band is. This band gets mistaken for them WAY to often.
    Blonde Redhead - Love this band, there albums are always changing sound and they never disappoint.
    Recommend the albums: 23, Penny Sparkle, Fake can be just as good.
    Garage a Trois - I had trouble pronouncing that at first aswell.
    and the usual
    Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Zep, etc.

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with The Black Keys (though if you like them, definitely check out Delta Spirit) because my ex dedicated more than half of their most recent album to me when we broke up. It was great. Haha but they're a great coupl'a musicians.
    I've heard of Blonde Redhead... never checked em out. Will get on that! :)
  4. A few i don't see another soul posting:

    Dead meadow - amazing stoner metal/ jam band

    King diamond - old school metal w/ the most amazing vocals you will ever hear

    peter tosh - overlooked because of the popularity of bob marley (not so much hidden as i proposed)

    Kings of Convenience - totally chilll duo out of norway, loves songs and the like but truly great music

    Moe. - phish's lost counter-part

    anything by zakk wylde

    and for hip-hop, try typical cats or dragon fli empire

    There are plenty of others, i just found these examples to be more off the beaten path:cool::p:p:p:D:eek::wave:
  5. Off the beaten path is good... that's what I'm going for. :)
  6. any particular genre?

    i dabble in alot of different style's of music, could point you alot of way's
  7. Anything you want. I'm not doing this necessarily for myself, but for other people interested in branching out in music, but I always love hearing of new musicians.

    My taste in music is vast and I can appreciate just about anything. I don't go out of my way to listen to rap. Doesn't mean I can't like it, but 99% of the time, I can't get into it without the right kind of mood.
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    It seems that hip-hop/rap is something that is always thrust upon you at a young age, ya know? the cool thing to do

    As i have grown up everything has grown a tendancy to stick. Shit that song kids by MGMT, i find a great snowboarding song

    as far as bands im gunna see how many i can list without looking at itunes.

    del tha funkee homosapien
    america - - - - - - -
    bob dylan
    creedance clearwater revival
    crosby stills nash
    damian marley
    disco biscuits - - - - - - -
    doobies brothers
    jefferson airplane/starship
    grateful dead
    10 ft. ganja plant - - - - - -
    yonder mountain string band---------
    hot buttered rum---
    railroad earth---
    killswitch engage
    kool and the gang
    the expendables
    pete philly and perquisite----check this one out!!!!!!
    flaming lips
    keller williams
    john hartford
    john butler trio
    in flames - old stuff
    tea leaf green
    gang starr
    sweatshop union
    umphrey's mcgee
    string cheese incident
    soul position
    sonny fortune
    miles daivs
    bb king

    ok, ok so i cheated and used my itunes for about half the list(which is still not complete; got 166 artists). i suppose use that for your basic exploration. Its got metal, rap, classic rock, reggae, jam bands, folk, pop, punk,jazz

    Its a good thing these red stripes are keeping me up, otherwise you would have to wait til tomorrow:D:D
  9. Vampire Weekend
    Animal Collective
    Arcade Fire
    The Big Pink
    Bloc Party
  10. Animal Collective is great. :)

    Keep the suggestions and such coming.

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