Suggest reflector for 2.5ft x 3ft area

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by nesgames4u, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. (or 3ft x 3ft at maximum growing area)

    My concern is that I want a reflector suited for a smaller area so that my lumens get concentrated instead of wasted beyond the growing space.

    Don't reply just yet! I have a few more questions.

    -Do you prefer Hydrofarm or Sun Systems?
    -Are those 6" circular holes on the Hydrofarm Daystar only cooling if a fan is attatched? I'm not going to have a fan attatched because I'll have a fan running a carbon filter, and am using as little electricity as possible in an apartment.
    -If I'm not using a fan on a reflector with circular holes on the sides, is it counter-productive to have a reflector like this? My reasoning is that if I have no fan there, I'm just letting lumens/light escape instead of being directed downwards.

    Thanks for helping (yet again I'm sure).

    PS: I've been recommended to use Sun Systems EconoCool but I'm reluctant to use anything with the word Econo in it. Before I moved, I had the Sun Systems "mid-size" white hood. It had a folded piece of reflective material in it, and I liked how the white hood looked. I would just buy that one again, but since I get to pick one out, I figured it wouldn't hurt to reexamine the situation. If I bought say, a "Large" Sun System reflector, or "Super Sun" Sun System for my 3 by 3 area, would I be wasting light, or spending more money to even out the light?


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