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Suggest Me A Strain Please :)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PassTheBong2Me, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Once apon a time,
    I bought some bud called tutti frutti, favourite strain I've tried so far just for the flavour, it were like I was chewing on refresher bars when exhaling. 
    I never came across it after that and I can't find it online other than the auto. I have tried other like lemon ect but I don't know if it is the growers but the taste is no were near as potent.
    So I would like some suggestions on a strain that is packing a serious punch of both flavour(fruity one) and strength  but flavour is more important. :) Thanks

  2. where are you getting it from?
    if at a dispensary just ask them if they have anything that suits your specific preferences
  3. A lot of purples have a good taste. Umm and just in general fruity strains, anything with fruity or a type of fruit In the name. As far as potency if you grow it right any strain will be potent. Also try growing organic I've heard it helps bring out the flavor more.
  4. i would recomend some antarctic freeze or Alaskan thunder-fuck
  5. Cheers guys :) and tastytrics it will be from online.
    Any one got a personel favourite?
  6. If you like fruity flavors, definitely try Fruity Pebbles!!!! It smells and tastes delicious. It is wonderfully fluffy too.
  7. Sounds good, will do. :)
    Cousin just come round with super lemon haze, it's nice and that quite strong but flavour wise, I'm disappointed :(
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  8. Grandoggy purps. Just got some the other day in Denver. Very potent but has a sweet taste like I haven't had in a while.

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  9. Nirvana Bubblelicious
    Barney's Farm Tangerine Dream
    Dutch Passion* Blueberry
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  10. super lemon haze has a very strong taste, almost like lemonade mixed with candy
  11. #12 PassTheBong2Me, Jun 15, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2013
    Cheers people :)  great suggestions, will have to try a few.
    I have some Mango on the go now so I'll see how this turns out. 
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  12. granddaddy purple or purple kush are my faves
  13. Blackberry kush has a nice fruity taste/smell and is pretty strong considering it was grown right.
    If you can get your hands on the real Girl Scout Cookies (OG kush x F1 Durban) you should try that too. It's not fruity but the taste is definitely worth a try. Thats my favorite strain as far as flavor goes. It has a nice minty taste 
  14. Pineapple Express
    really strong funk smell to it, like sour armpits
    pretty ****ing strong headspace
  15. Fruity Pebbles, any purps/kushes, and strawberry cough
  16. AK-47, blueberry yum yum, girl scout cookies. My personals :)

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