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  1. Sup blades, so I decided I want to get a bong finally! I was just looking for suggestions. As its my first bong I don't wanna go all out. 60$ or under and around 12 inches. Any websites that are cheap? Thanks guys
  2. Have any experience using bongs?

    Have any local head shops (LHS)?

    My first bong was some shitty acrylic model I got for $30. Wokred liked a beast and got my bong chops up.

  3. yea smoke my friends bong sometimes, and my lhs are very expensive. id prefer glass too

  4. Weedstar is cheap and convenient but the glass is usually really easy to break. I recommend RooRs but you get what works for you man. Weedstar might be good for you.
  5. Ssfg travel beaker is around 60. I have one and I love it. Nice and thick, and I got a showerhead diffuser for only 15$ more. It's a little shorter than what you're looking at but trust me it rips.
  6. just use your body. pack the weed in ur ear and light it, then bend over and inhale threw ur dick. keep inhaling until the white stuff comes out

  7. you must be fucked up

  8. That was pretty stupid man, at least TRY to make sense.
  9. Ssfg travel beaker is your best option for the price. No need to look further. Literally it's your best bet on getting quality glass
  10. SSFG, RX-industries, or Ehle are all quality choices. Roor is nice too, but it's way overpriced imo.
  11. SSFG travel beaker, 'nuff said.
  12. ssfg is really the only thing worth buying in that price range.

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