Suggest a style for a college student?

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  1. I'm 19 going on 20, of Asian descent, and look relatively young for my age.
    I went through a few styles throughout HS, none of which were flattering looking back on it. I rocked skater hoodies and T-shirts for a while, and then transitioned to the whole hypebeast look with Stussy/Hundreds shirts and skinny jeans, and then acquired a taste for AA jackets+plain t-shirts.
    Still rock the AA jackets casually, but I've been wearing Members Only jackets a lot along with flannels and sweaters as well.
    I'm trying to go for something that'll give me a more adult like appearance, so this past weekend while shopping at H&M, this rack of dress shirts caught my eye so I decided to pick a few of them up. I want to try the metro look like the one below:
    Product Detail | H&M US

    ...but it seems a bit daunting for me since I don't want to come off too bold.
    I have the build for it I guess(5'7", 130 lbs pure muscle, I have a low body fat % so you can say I have the ottermode look but I am trying to go for a more athletic/muscular build).
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    First off.. Dude in that pic looks like a turn in the ocean. Blue shirt with shitbrown pants wtf

    and he looks like a jackass saquatch too. Not a good model

    second, if you want to conform to a style, that basically means youre trying to project an image and personality of yourself that people would associate with that particular style.

    Bad move.. Youll try to live up to your dress code and be the person people see you as, then youll be a faker and have an identity crisis

    buy clothes you genuinely think look cool and wear them. Be yourself, its easier
  3. Yeah lol /concur with blackleaf this is a really fucking weird post.....i judge u a poser at the moment lol u should get off that, go to the store, see shit u like, wear it, win.
  4. Besides academic prowness(and direction) all you need in college is a big dick.:smoke:;)
  5. [quote name='"jazzbluescat"']
    Besides academic prowness(and direction) all you need in college is a big dick.:smoke:;)[/quote]

    hes of asian descent :(
  6. You'd be surprised ;)
  7. thread title should be "suggest a style for an asian"
  8. Dude stop worrying about style and just wear shit that you like. The reason none of those styles fit you was because they weren't you. It was you trying to pull off a look.

    Im a girl and I dont even worry about clothes like that.

    So to reiterate... wear what you like, dont worry about a style.
  9. I suggest gangster-triller style tupac meets michael jackson. Just the right amount of flare to make sure that no one fucks with you, and those that do must be gay.
  10. I think a nice fitting pair of jeans and a plain T-shirt look good on everyone.
  11. Don't forget the bling...lots of bling. :D
  12. you sound like a poser.

    just be yourself, fuck clothes man they are so insignificant.
  13. Some thing like this?

  14. You won't have money to have H&M style once youre in college.

  15. Is H&M expensive? I've always been under the impression it was cheap clothing.
  16. Nah, it's relatively cheap.
  17. yea but college is not relatively cheap
  18. Im in the market for some fresh threads too, headed to my freshman year. I recommend Etsy seller: Lightsounddimension
    Imaginary foundation is cool too
    Try ten racks as well

    You're welcome.
  20. Dude college is full of styles, pick will not be noticed. There are some people who you just stare at because you can't believe what the fuck they're wearing. College is awesome, because nobody really cares, they're just recovering from the night before.

    On a typical day I would wear regular mesh sport shorts and a shirt, head to the gym after class, go home, smoke, study, sleep. Nobody cared what I wore, people still don't care.

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