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  1. I am finishing up a grow box. Its 22.5x15.5x57 tall and im useing a 120 led. also gonna use computer fans as intake and exaust. Im growing black diesel!!!! useing farm fox everything ( soil and nutes ).
    Should i line my box with shiny matieral? Im also thinking about adding a couple of 2' t5 lights. I will be finishing this up today except for the fans ( waiting on them to arive ). I tarted to germ my seeds a few days ago and they popped within 24 hours so today they go in soil and under light. Any sugestions and help is apprieciated :smoke:

    PS i will have pics up by this evening
  2. Thanks for stopping by my thread. Here's a couple suggestions from my exp:

    For computer fans, I highly recommend these ones if noise isn't a big issue. They plug directly into the wall so you don't have to mess with splicing wires, and they really do a good job. I put 2 in my box, and haven't had to worry about the temps ever since. You're box is a little bit bigger, so you might even want to use 3.

    The FF Soil and nutes have worked out great for me. Good choice.

    For lining your box I grabbed some of this Reflectix stuff from Lowes. It was about $20 i think and was pretty easy to work with.

    How many plants are you gonna grow? Lets see some pics of the box and seedlings!
  3. What LED are you using?
    I say you paint the inside of the box flat white.

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