Suge knight quotes(some are hilarious)

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  1. Pac fell in the water and he was drowning, so i jumped in and i put him on my shoulder and told him it's ok little buddy.... you're alright now"
    The Source:

    What would you do if Snoop came in here right now

    Suge: Trust me Snoop is not coming here

    But lets say he did

    Suge: You asking me to talk about something that I know wont happen. That's like saying Superman came in here and we flew off with him..

    "some n!ggaz is just stupid, they don't have no business sense... they think cause they gangstas they can do something so they go up to the record labels and be like [look check this out n!gga, i'ma muthafukkin' gangsta and you better sign me 'cuz i wanna make money] -after they scare the label execs they ask them [ok we'll sign you, how much do you wan't] these n!ggaz is so stupid they be like ummmm i don't know... the exec says you want a dollar?? and they like YEAH N!GGA GIMME THAT MUTHAFUKKIN' DOLLAR!!!!!!!!! but these n!ggaz is so stupid 'cuz they probably could've got 10 dollars an album, now they only gettin' 1"

    "One time Dre came up to me and said, I want to be white suge...Can you help me be white? I looked at this n!gga like, is this n!gga really serious...I told him you can date a white woman, move to a white neighborhood, but I cant physically make you white..."

    "Daz is a very angry young man right now. This kid has been moved on and passed around all his life. Nobody wanted him."

    The Jimmy Kimmel Show

    Suge: hey why the vest

    JK: its the new fad

    Suge: naw naw naw see the new fad is getting a needle a filling it full of AIDs blood and then sticking it to your enemy you know Easy-E Style

    Suge on 106 and Park talking about the J.Lo and Puffy incident:

    Suge: "She left him for a dancer."

    Free: but suge but suge

    Suge: naw naw I'm still on this..... Puff you loser...lost your girl to a dancer

    Suge On Howard Stern:

    "at one point snoop wanted to be a piru,look back to his peformance on the soul train awards he was wearing a red rag tied around his head aunt jemimah style, so i said your hood got 20's,insanes,19 streets, there aint no bloods. Pick one, i didn't know he would pick all three of them!"

    The Source:

    "Snoop would have been doing life weighing 120 pounds. It don't take a rocket scientist to figure out what he would have been filling his time with"

    Suge talkin about Prince:

    "I seen Prince (The Artist) up in the clubs a few times and I hollered at him. Then the mutha****a was walkin' around with 'slave' written on his face. He was sayin' that he didn't want to **** with people at record labels. He should have stayed ghetto instead of runnin' back to Arista with his head between his legs."

    The interview at the end of the "Suge Knight On The Real" video:

    Interviewer: "You`re free, walk in the streets, you walk into a party, standing in there is Puffy, Dre Snoop...what do you say?"

    Suge: "You know I ain`t goin` to those type of party' know, I`m straight!"

    "Matter of fact, even when he [Eazy-E] made all his muthafukkin` money, he still left his mama there [Compton]. I guess that`s why god came and took him. He took care of that white boy Jerry, but didn`t take care of his own mama."

    Wendy Williams Show:

    Wendy Williams: Since you and Snoop both live in L.A., are there places you both can & can't go?

    Suge : There absolutely are. I can go anywhere I want, and Snoop can't go anywhere.

    On Snoop:

    "I'm just wondering how much money Priority will take from him on his new record. He need that money for lung cancer treatment."

    It's kinda hard to even go shopping, with Andre calling the police and snitching and stuff. Getting protection orders and stuff."-XXL

    Q: Suge, if you knew who shot Tupac and who shot the Notorious B.I.G., would you tell the police?

    A: Absolutely...not. It's not my job to helping the police find killers.

    Suge On Eminem:

    "Everybody know when your dealing with me you gonna get the truth because that's what I'm about. I already saw 8 Miles and yeah I'm proud to say I bought the bootleg because first of all I'm a real ghetto n!gga and second, I don't believe in supporting capitalism by coporate America of our hip-hop culture. I laugh my guts out everytime I see the updated version of Elvis Presley dance around his videos like a clown then the next minute he want to be serious and all violent. Eminem in my eyes is money-making character master-minded by Dre & Jimmy Iovine to make him feel invincible in culture that us blacks worked hard to build. Nobody back in the '80s when this **** first started would have predicted that at one time or another that a '******' or wannabe ***** as I like to call him would be the number rapper. Disrespecting the woman who gave birth to you ain't cool at all. This kid loves to portray himself like a violent guy who's a threat to society but in reality he's getting paid by a culture who is feeding into his gimmick. But it all goes back to Dre because Dre is basically the master of having people believe he's something he's not. There's some rumors going around in the industry regarding Em's sexual preference and I have people working for me to help bring this innuedo to life if it's true. Haha. Look out for Eminem's second bring screen endeavor very soon called "8 Inches" starring him and some Aftermath's finest, hahaha."

    "I asked Jerry [Heller] for the contracts, and he wouldn`t let me see them. I went to his office one day, and he was gone, but had some muthafukkaz up there who was supposed to stop me. I didn`t hurt nobody, just made his boys get on they hands and knees, walk around like a dog, you know. Fukkin` wit `em. Finally Jerry called and said `OK, I`ll meet with you, just don`t hurt me.´"

    "If me and Puffy Combs were on a deserted island together, it would be cool. I wouldn't have to tell him nothing. He would get the fish, cook the fish, get the firewood, start the fire."

    "ill give you a new mercedes if you cut snoops hair"

    XXL: Speaking of Dre, you were there for what went down at last years Vibe Awards?

    Suge: I seen dude hit Dre three or four times. Not cool. Slapped him in front of his wife. Now that was a sight to see.

    Howard Stern:

    HS: who you at war with with now suge.............50 cent

    Suge:naw I like 50 cent I suport him

    HS: Really? but he's with beefing with ja ain't ja your guy who's side your taking?

    Suge:I'ma tell you like this I don't play both sides I'ma ride with who I ride with

    HS: so aight so you got snoop dogg, dr dre & 50 cent let me know I'll contact them lets get this going

    Suge: you bring dre down here bring alize ummm snoop dog or as ja would say the B!tch with curles bring any body I will kick they ass and all the proceeds from me whoopin their asses will go to the kids

    On future plans for Tha Row:

    "We might do some rock, white cats steal our music, we gon' do some stealin' ourselves"

    Interview for Premium Networks:

    -What's your relationship at the moment with Dr. Dre?

    "The thing is, I don't have anything against Andre. What Andre did was what you call a bitch move. He went to my PO [parole officer] and lied. He's trying to take me away from my kids again. So that's a bitch. They put another condition on my parole because this guy goes and says that he fears for himself and all his cowardly acts. And so he went out to get a restraining order. But I'm not pissed. It's more like disappointed that he's being such a bitch. Because I thought I taught him better than that."

    When Suge got out of Prison he was invited to USC to do a business type of speech for the students there. When he got on stage and behind the podium he lit up a cigar and told the students and other guests:

    "Don't listen to your Teachers because if they were that smart they would be running successful companies not teaching"

    Wendy Williams:do u really have a x-rated video of j-lo?

    Suge:"ooooooh oooooooh*puffs on cigar*..."you call me liar and ima have to prove myself"

    "When Snoop came to me he was Snooper Duper and he had more of a Special Ed look...If you look at his first video you will see that..It was me that told him to grow his hair out."

    "if u don't want the producer dancin all in the videos......come to death row"

    "I remember at the MTV awards. Snoop went to a New York radio station and said it was 'Pac with the East Coast-West Coast bullshit not him. Snoop said he would do a song with Puffy, Biggie or anybody. 'Pac went crazy when he heard it on the radio. He was like, 'I'm covering this mutha****a's back when he was out there shooting that video for "New York, New York." Mutha****as shot up the trailer. They was cryin'. I went and smashed for them. I'm doing all this good, and here he is speakin' about hookin' up with my enemies? Me and him gotta get down.' This is what 'Pac told me. 'Pac went back and wrote a whole 'Hit 'Em Up' version of his dissin' Snoop, from beginning to end. But I ain't never put it out because of the simple fact that I thought 'Pac was angry then and might have just been talkin' because he was pissed off. I have no intention of puttin' it out, but it's there."

    When questioned about Daz's supoosed 'Death Row Killa' album and Puff bein on it.........

    S. KNIGHT - Look dogg I'll tell you this now, there's no way in hell Puffy will be on that record. And if he is, well there's no, no, no, no way that he'll be saying anything about me or my record label. They might have some little skit where he's saying something, but you can bet right now he won't be throwing no disses out there. Puffy is one man I know is a scared little negroe. What you gotta understand is, I've tried to meet this guy like four times since I been out of jail. In New York, I said come down, let's talk. But nothing. I mean I wanted to sit down and talk with this guy in the middle of Manhattan in a damn restaurant and still this guy dont wanna see me.

    "A lot of these mutha****as let these white executives pump them up. But when Dre gets into a fight or beatdown, Jimmy Iovine is not gonna get outta' bed and go fight for Dre, is he?"

    "I would like to educate thug n!ggas on some million-dollar game: When Steve Stoute wants to get one dollar, he has to ask Jimmy for it. I bet you that when they was thinking about putting Puffy in jail, Clive Davis called up and said , 'Let's try to work something out because this n!gga has to pay me back all my money."

    Speaking to urban magazine THE SOURCE just before his latest spell in jail, Knight explained, "I'm into wildlife so I ride horses to the point where at night, I chase coyotes and mountain lions. I fuck around"

    Those [Ruthless Records] contracts were like the days of Chuck Berry and Little Richard, when the acts had to tap-dance for a deal, like strippers with $20 in their G-string."

    Suge said Pac couldn't even really talk and was half passed out but squeeked out "Suge....don't let that faggot Dre put his mouth on me...."and passed out.

    "...There would be times,I'd be changing in front of Dre and you could tell he was lustin' after me."

    Suge On BET Awards Incident With Snoop:

    It's paranoia. I was by myself. You don't see any of these guys rolling like me [alone]. Snoop had two rows of people - 20 guys afraid of one guy," Knight said. "He's supposed to be a tough, street, gangster type and he's acting like a coward. Snoop was ducking down in his seat like he was about to melt."

    "Death Row knows success for a Snoop Doggy Dogg record means $$$$ for Suge Knight. Keep it up because you know Suge Knight eats off your next three albums, as well as your previous seven albums. HAHAHA"

    Again Speaking At USC

    "Don't ever let anybody take your dream away, do what the fuck makes you happy,"

    "This is especially to the women. First get your degree, then get your business and your money and then you can be like us men and pick and choose who you want to be with,"

    [While praising the abilities of modern women, he still referred to women as bitches, offending some women in the crowd, prompting them to leave the lecture.]

    Suge from the Tupac Outlaw Immortal DVD:

    "If there was a rapper or producer that was on death row who was a homosexual, Pac didn't like that. Pac didn't feel that was right because he loved the kids. He wanted to expose the homosexual to the world so he couldn't hurt any kids. Pac was a good guy like that."

    From hiphop documentary speaking about D.O.C's contract:

    "There was actually a piece of paper saying that he gave away his hits for a watch and a motherfukking chian. I looked at the contract and it was right there..."watch and chain"...I said I aint never seen no sh*t like that!

    From Carson Daily show:

    "I don't really know him. The only thing I know about Jay-Z is that he was tied up bound and gagged in a hotel room in LA...the took all his jewelry. Snoop and Dre told him "hey if you come do these songs with us you won't have no problems when you come to the west coast." Next thing I hear, he got tied up. (Suge then incinuated that Snoop was behind it. Carson asked him if that was true) "Nah Im joking...he did get bound and gagged though"

    "excuse my french but if Eazy E stood between my legs you might mistake him for my penis"

    Suge Speaking In 3rd Person About Dealing With Steve Cantrock:

    "I Said All right, cut the bullsh1t. Steve, how much did you steal from me and Death Row?
    Before Cantrock could respond, Suge demanded that he kneel on the grass. When he refused, Suge's huge fist hit him. Cantrock burst into tears and kneeled before the giant."

    Suge Fucking With Snoop And His Homies In The Studio:
    (not a quote but interesting nonetheless)

    "i remember one time Suge was mad! said a label employee." Them fools (Snoop, Dogg Pound etc) were in there doing their verses and making Snoop's album." Enraged, Suge arrived at the studio and confronted Snoop, DPG and Warren G, who were recording "Aint No Fun." Suge said "man, every time i come in here , y'all talkin that Crip Crip ****!" Suge wanted his Crip-associated artists to also promote the Bloods gang in their songs. After all, Suge implied, it was his record label and he clearly favored the Bloods. Snoop and the other artists ignored Suge's mandate; but Warren G, who had been slapped in the face by Suge at a party held near Dre's swimming party, was terrified. " That's when Warren G said, '6-4 Chevy, red to be exact," a label employee said. "For Suge, cause Suge was getting mad in the studio."

    Suge's Response After Smacking Warren G Thinking He Had Beef With D.O.C. and Realizing He Had Smacked The Wrong Person:

    "oh..i'm sorry"

    "if you look at NWA the only one that was from Compton was Eazy E. Cube is rapping about how to survive in South Central. Dre live there breifly but he was in the house playing atari."

    "one time Pac socked snoop. snoop went on the radio talking about he would do a song with Puffy. Pac confronted him in the studio and socked him in the stomache and told him he would beat his ass!"

    interviewer: And what did snoop do?

    Suge: he just threw up and cried and sh*t.

  2. hahaha wow those are hilarious.
  3. Hahhahahahahah great quotes. He's funny. He reminds me of the juggernaut when he talks about hitting the record exec with his giant hands in the 3rd person.
  4. Suge Knight would not tell the police who killed Tupac or Biggie (if he knew)? Well, that is just mean. Would he at least tell the rest of us? I for one would like to know.
  5. Suge nights a pusys, he got the hit set up on tupac. I'd knock his shit out any day.
  6. i beleive suge knight had BIG asassinated
  7. Some were funny..most were not.
  8. Suges a gangster to the fullest.

  9. fool please!!! that big boy would snap you in a quickness.

    i knew DRE was a lil sissy from day one.

    snoop and his switch gang many hoods did this skinny mofo claim throughout the years????

    nothing but sissies with this gangster bangers.

    listen to jayo felony clowning on snoop all day long. that fool is a real crip from a real set...not like snoops undecided ass "hmmm do i wanna be a blood or a crip today"
  10. Since you from L.A., Crips be bangin on the left side out there? 'Blue flag hangin out the backside, But only on the left side, Yeah thas the crip side.'

    Cuz out here anybody down with folks all bangs right.
  11. lol gangsters.

    they make me laugh.
  12. Gotta love Suge, just always keepin it real.... hahaha.
  13. more surenos (southsiders) blue raging then crips, besides gangbanging is really on the west coast, every one else is jackin cali styles. But yeah suge knight a big bully, but you gotta love em hes down with pac, and made a successfull record label DEATHROW!

    "If me and Puffy Combs were on a deserted island together, it would be cool. I wouldn't have to tell him nothing. He would get the fish, cook the fish, get the firewood, start the fire."---LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
  14. :rolleyes:

    So sick of hearing this bullshit.

    We got surenos, We got LKs, We got 9 8's, We got tons of fuckin gangs.

    Aient like im proud of the shit, But aient nobody jackin no styles. We aient got crips, We aient got bloods, The ones we do is from L.A..

    Fools bangin hard all over the country, Detroit, Chicago, You name it.
  15. fuck suge knight, hes the reason tupac and biggie got killed. hes the wost kind of human on earth. he talks about real shit, about buying dvds on the street to not support capitalism. thats a fucking joke, he buys diamond 'bling' and huge cars which completely support the enslavement of africans and people all over the world. hes a joke, a fake with a huge ego. thanks for killing 2 of the worlds best rappers and perpetuating racism and violence, fucking looser.
  16. thats right crips have their rags in the left pocket...and to tell you the truth I haven't heard much of crip on blood wars lately. more like crip on crip and blood on blood murders...obvious reasons...clickas grow bigger less territory available. money is the root of all evil.

    but out here shit is really fucked up in my hood...not the entire LA but some hoods in the Valley, the Hispanics are at war with Blacks.

    and then we have the two biggest craziest rival gangs out there. the 18th streeters(world wide) and the Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) those are the biggest rivals on this planet earth. And these salvadorian fools from MS are fuckin nuts plain and simple. these fools sniff on fuckin shoe glue and get crazy in the fuckin head. they don't just do drive bys and shit...they'll just fuckin cut your head off and leave it on your mammas porch...sick ass fools. Its getting outta control in SoCal anywhere you go there is gang activities even in the rich neighborhoods.
  17. MS13 could take over the world, Real talk.

    Seems weird, Like i said anybody under folk round here bang right, And anybody under people bang left.
  18. lol I was just reading some of this shit the other day.
  19. Shit we've got Mara here in RIC too, and up in DC. And yeah, they're fucking crazy. Tattoos all over their face and shit. When I see one walking down the street I get so scared, I try not to even make eye contact with those crazy motherfuckers.
  20. There EVERYWHERE.

    I wouldnt be suprised if they have chapters in EVERY state.

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