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  1. I heard somewhere that sugar helps. During the photosynthesis process. Before I add sugar water to the babies. I was wandering if that is true.:p
  2. Sugar is ok. It helps with your plants absorbtion of nutes. But if your going to do that, just use molasses, it does the same thing but better. It has some beneficial nutrients that help your plant, that sugar doesn't have.
  3. thanks psu. next time i get to the store I will get some mollassess. sugar will have to do for right now. thanks once again.
  4. Make sure you use unsulphured blackstrap molasses. Refined sugar is OK but I wouldn't bother with it. Just wait until you get molasses.

    Adding carbs is more a matter of giving the plant extra carbon to use, not to aid nute absorption really. Molasses also has virtually all of the micronutrients that the plant needs too.

  5. wait til you get hold of mollasses. it doesnt actually feed the plant as such. but it feeds the beneficial organisms in the soil.
  6. It actually feeds the microfauna in the grow medium as well as the plant. Plants can take up carbohydrates directly, which translates into more energy for growth.
  7. You get the point, wait for the molasses. But sugar isn't bad.

  8. sorry i stand corrected:bolt:

    i was taught that by a source i trusted to be correct.
  9. You were not totally incorrect. It does exactly what you say it does, as I noted, but it also provides food for the plant. So you were at least half right :)

    It's all good my friend.
  10. thanks bud, any info helps.

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