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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Herb man, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. My dealer just got some new shit called sugar. It looks like shit but its got a lot of crystals on it. Havnt smoked because Im already high and I wouldnt be able to tell if sugar got me high. Has anyone heard of this strain?
  2. no i have not
  3. Not at all...I'd just tell him to sell you like .5g and try it out. You dont like it...well you just saved yourself however much money by spending like..5 dollars..
  4. Hmm, sounds like the dude named it himself, after looking at the nugs in his pickup
  5. Sounds made up.

    Names don't mean anything anyway, one of the best strains i purchased was one called "cat piss".
  6. It just looks so shitty but has so many trichomes. Oh well Ill see how it smokes tomorrow
  7. just forget the name, look at the weed and make sure its not grit before you buy, because everything you described is making me think he has grit...shitty weed with alot of trichs? like seriously..
  8. take that shit, get some of the trichomes on the back of a cd and scrap them against the back, if theirs ANY scratching, dont smoke that shit

  9. someone knows whatsgood with grit weed!
  10. Cat Piss is a real strain supposedly but only available in clones. Who really knows but I have heard of this strain for a number of years.
  11. Wow im so dumb. I was really high so whem I got it I thought it was bad because it was dry. idk why I was just stoned. Sorry everyone its legit weed after I looked at it this morning.
  12. Yeah it is a legit strain. I was saying, you can't go by names. Cat piss sounds disgusting, thats like name a strain "giant cock" or "gooey dog shit".

    Besides, even if you get some amazing strain like OG kush, some newbie could have grown it and botched it, and it came out like garbage.

    Name and genetics only mean so much, look at the bud, smell it, feel it, and go by what you can see, smell, taste and touch -- not the label. That's what i was trying to get across, my bad.

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