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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ganJaXTokEr, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. I did a search looking for an answer to my question and i havent found anything. Can spraying Sugar water on your plant increase the size and yeild of the plant at all? also is it true that sugar water sprayed on the plant give bud a sweet taste.. if so when should it be added, (how long before harvest?)
  2. Just sounds like you would attract animals if it's an oustide grow. who wants to smoke ants? :wave:
  3. Does absolutely nothing except attract bugs. Don´t do it.
  4. alright, yea i'm not going to try it for this grow but my next one i might experiment with it.. by the way im growing indoors.
  5. Where did this idea even come from?
  6. thats different from pure cane sugar.
  7. yah your lookin for simple sugar, there is some process to making it but i forgot sry. but its smoke is terrible you cant taste it and you end up with a sore throat. I would just use concentrates right before harvesting (like an ahour or two). Some common concentrates are orange lemon and vanilla extracts/concentrates. now that is great tasting.
  8. Feeding plants sugars is a complete waste of time. They make their own sugars by photosynthesis. As I said before, they will only attract bugs.
  9. im going with the Vanilla extract on one plant ......

    if i start now with the vanilla extract like a lil bitty drop per glass of water would it harm my plant ?
  10. only a drop?
  11. yea i wouldnt want to go strong with it my plants are only 4 days old lol

    would it harm them ?
  12. i dont think so... vanilla weed yummy... i am gonna plant my weed tomorrow they said its too late to though.
  13. i know thats exactly what i though hmmm ... so i read up on it and i know how to do it :hello:

    hopefully givin it a lil vanilla everytime i water or once a day might make a very good smell to it
  14. ur a noob. u dont water everyday.
  15. i dont water every day but i was saying imma give it vannilla with water
  16. I have to water every day in my hot dry climate.

    But I give them ferts, not candy.
  17. oh my. i play ALOT of MMORPG's and i see the word noob everyday. i cant believe someone actually said that here how weird... anyways this whole vanilla and or concentrate flavor thing (i guess i'm a noob 2!!:) i'd like some help/ clarification with the how to and stuff. btw confectinate sugar without iodine's in it u can mix in a squirt bottle with water and that stuff they make hard tack candy with and spray it on buds it will crystalize and u can definitely pass it off for sum GOOD. i just wouldnt suggest smokin it lol.

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