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Sugar Shack - Mmm Mmm, Good! [MACRO]

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Phased, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Smoke: Very light and sweet. Tastes like sugar out of the pipe.

    Tastes like good ole Mary Jane with a hint of strudel.

    Scent: Smells heavily of skunk with a slight tinge of vanilla that adds an overall softness to it.

    High: Seems like a heavy Sativa. 70% at least.

    Overall: 9/10 - Shit's Dank!



  2. Looks great a picture of a bigger nug? +rep
  3. Damn buds looks beast!!! + ReP
  4. That is some nice looking ganja, man.
  5. One Gram!

  6. nice nugs! +rep
  7. I love sugar shack man, one of my favorites. :smoking:
  8. look at that bud shimmer
  9. it looks like a precious stone or something. beautiful
  10. Thanks for all the positive feedback.

    This shit is absolutely delicious!

    I'm going to roll a gram blunt of Sugar Shack and smoke it to the dome for
    my b-day on this wonderful occasion!

    Smoked 1.4 on 3 heads out of a vape yesterday and I got the highest I've been in a while. Which is amazing, considering my tolerance is through the roof after smoking almost a quarter of Beasters every night!

    More strains to come!

    Louis Vuitton, Juicy Fruit, Chernobyl

  11. I just picked up an eighth of what I was told was Sugar Shack. The bud was picked up in richmond, va. Price was 70 a eighth. It looks identical to these macros. It smells skunky but sweet at the same time, has a mild taste, and has a lengthy pleasant high.

    This stuff is worth what I paid for it.
  12. Just grabbed 1/8 of this shit tonight... Fucking AMAZING herbs. Looks identical to the ones in the pics (I wish I had a camera :()... Awesome pickup man. This is some very primo bud, IMO (especially since I'm more of a sativa kinda guy) :)
  13. damn
    shit was in a snow storm
  14. That stuff looks GREAT...the description has my mouth watering
  15. wow that stuff GLOWS from the crystal orgy.
  16. I'd smoke it if I had to.

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