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Sugar peak

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Lovetogrow, May 10, 2011.

  1. I was thinking about changing feeds, to earth juice sugar peak, leaf growth, flowering, grand finale, briximus maximus and catalyst. So I was just asking if any one has used this and no if it's any good.......
  2. So has eny one used it......
  3. never used sugar peak but am using the earth juice original line with good results
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    Ok thanks..
  5. Hi just wondering how you were getting on with your sugar peak products as i have just bought some myself.
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    If u have the full 5 feed set. It's rely good. That's the only feed u will ever need. I am 3 weeks in to flowering. And having good results. Tell me what u think about it??.....
  7. Hi,just started using sugar peak grow & catalyst,i took a ph reading before use which was between 6&7 then itook another reading 24hrs after feeding & my ph level had fallen to 5 is this normal iam a bit worried.Any advise would be appreciated thanks
  8. its normal with earth juice, they start out a lil acidic. heres a quote from the earth juice nutrient calculator and faqs (when using sugar peak,hi brix grow n bloom and sweet n heavy, we recommend taking an initial ph reading after filling the reservoir with fresh nutrient solution. use the system as normal. after the 1st 24 hours, take a 2nd reading. at that time, if you believe the ph of the solution needs to be raised, adjust in small increments. many of our products will begin on the acid side but will generally exhibit an upward movement in ph generally 24-48 hours after they are mixed with water due to the natural elements they contain. because of this feature, we caution using ph up adjusters during the initial 24-48 hour period. do not let the ph exceed 6.8. if the ph exceeds 6.8, lower the ph to 5.5-5.9 or to the preferred ph) straight from hydro organics mouth9earth juice). hope this answers your question!
  9. Thanks for the info,checked ph this morning 48hrs after feeding and it was ok.
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    That helps me so much been asking people for ages and no look. But have u got a phone number to contact them. And my ph when I mix is at 4.1 that's very very low.. But apart from that I am 4 weeks from harvest and just about to use briximus maximus and grand final.
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    i dont have a number, got the catalog/feeding schedule from my hydro store. you should be able to access this info through their website, hydro-organics.com. are you soil or hydro. i know with soil you dont have to ph balance, especially if you have good soil. i use straight tap water and add nutes, my runoff ph is about 6.3 even though the water/nute solution is about ph 5 before watering.
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