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Sugar Kush (Review, sans picture)

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by dawnofwar, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Strain: Sugar Kush

    Source: Compassion Club (dispensary)

    Type: Indica/Sativa, google shows it as 60/40 respectively

    Taste: Very suggary (as the name suggests,) when the smoke first hits your taste buds, it tastes like cane sugar, but quickly bring on a slight fruity taste. Almost like you were eating fruit roll ups with Cane sugar instead of what ever they put in it. The fruity taste isn't super strong, but it's there. The sugar taste is really strong and "in your face," and it stays for a few seconds even after all smoke is gone.

    Smoke: It was smooth, but also a little rough to some extent. I would say 80% smooth, 20% rough. We did smoke it out of a metal pipe though, so that could add some additional roughness.

    High *by the time I smoked this, me and my buddy had already smoked a bowl of Sour Diesel and Jack Herer, so my analysis could be a little off*: After the bowl was done, I noticed a stronger body stone. It was couch locking though, I felt like I could be up and about doing stuff (although even really couch locking weed doesn't couch lock me that much, could be different for other people.) There was also a very nice head high to come along with it, although it felt slightly stronger then the numbers google gives it (60/40) felt more like 50/50 to me.

    Comments: Overall, this is hands down, one of my most favourite strains I've ever smoked. The high was incredible, and went along with the other strains we were smoking. Not only that, but the taste was superb, and well deserving of the name. If you ever have the chance to smoke this strain or buy it..... FUCKING DO IT.

    Sorry for no picture D:

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