Sugar Glyders

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  1. So I'm at my nephew's house for the night. Everyone went to sleep and I smoked a couple bowls. I walked through the living room, trying to get to the kitchen. In the living room is my nephew's pet glyders' habitat home. Next thing I know, its 55 minutes later and I've not blinked once while watching these things.
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  2. I used to have one...when he was a baby he had a moderate cage, but as he grew I wanted to get him a palace so I did. Fucking 6 foot cage but I didn't realize the bars would be too wide and he could squeez through. Every night he would squeez out, roam the house, and in the morning he'd go home to his cage lol.

    Sometimes I'd wake up in the middle of the night to pee or grab water and he'd be jumping off the fridge or chandelier. he lived like 16 years...miss that little guy :(
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  3. What the hell is a sugar glyder?
  4. I think it's a flying squirrel

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  5. Same
  6. It's actually Sugar Glider, OP must have been stoned.

    They are small omnivorous marsupials. They most closely resemble possums, although most people call them flying squirrels. I guess squirrels are cuter than possums. Anyway, they are nocturnal, prefer sugary fruits, and they can glide through the air (much like flying squirrels).

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  7. I want one for my house.
  8. for some reason i had the idea in my head that a sugar glider was an insect
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  9. They're awesome usually get them very young from the breeders, so what you do is you put some of your shirts (worn, do not wash so they have your scent) and put it in their cage/habitat for them to sleep in. You also have to take them out daily...I used to put mine in my pocket and just go about my business around the house. Once they're used to you they will literally just sleep in your pocket all day. They also pee and crap everywhere though, so yeah...
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  10. aw thats adorable
  11. Can you eat them?
  12. These things are adorable!
    I've had a few chances to purchase one, but I hd way too many pets at the time.
    I opted for a panda ferret, which was a bad idea. Such a headache, but also fucking adorable, especially when they do their famous run/hop.
  13. Sugar gliders make amazing pets, but require lots of money and effort. They are known for the way they bond with their owners. They are colony animals, and can develops severe depression if one is kept alone. They have very specific dietary requirements, and when they are not met can develope hind leg paralysis. Mine really helped me cope with my depression. I lost my male about a month ago. I am now left with my female and she never fails to put a smile on my face. :) I highly recommend these pets to anyone who can afford it.

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