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Sugar Free Gatorade as bong water substitute?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by blissfulwizard, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. Title says it. I've been smoking for like 4 years and bong are my favorite way to consume weed. but recently I've been watching youtube videos and I see people with colored bong water and I wonder what it is, food dye, kool aid, flavored water? I know sugar in the bong isn't a great idea hence why I got sugar free. what do you guys think about this? would you try it? or what else would you use if not water?
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  2. Sounds like a bad idea. Can't to get bronchial problems from that? I'll be sticking to I've cubes and water.
  3. Not sure if you can or not hence why I asked, maybe some others could shed some light maybe a research article perhaps or some of their own knowledge. I cleaned my bong thoroughly with near boiling temp water and put some Gatorade zero in it and took a hit, it was rather smooth and couldn't really tell much of a difference when it came to taste and the smoothness overall. But now that you mentioned bronchial problems I'll stick to water for the time being haha
  4. Oh yeah....I have HEARD and SEEN several people put stuff like that in there for "flavor".....I have heard coca cola, gatorade, those "MIO" or whatever water flavorings.....i think it's just something a stoner with nothing better to do at the time would do....LOL......give 'er a go and let us know
  5. I've already done the zero Gatorade, I wouldn't do coca cola or anything with sugar in it because it'll just take extra work to clean the bong and it'll suppress the potency of the weed. really wasn't any difference in between regular water and Gatorade in my opinion
  6. '

    That's what I assumed from the get go............but hey....if it keeps "em busy"..........more power to em...:lmafoe::passing-joint:
  7. i was putting cough drop in bong water and it did seem like taking a hit of menthol weed but i stopped that because i was afraid of health repercusions.
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  8. Just use water... Why waste good of Gatorade in a bong

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