Sugar Cube Acid Issues.

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  1. So I have experience with gel and paper acid, but never cubes or liquid. Im wondering is there anyway to tell if there is actually cid on the cube. And should I eat it, or let it dissolve?.

  2. This is the first time I've ever hear mention of gel lsd. Are you sure it wasn't a night time sleep aid? I trip off a few of those.
  3. a friend of mine, who deals sortof, picked up 20 or so hits, each in a sugar cube. after a few days, the acid was mostly on the foil they were wrapped in. like, after all the hits were gone, he licked the whole foil thing just in case any was on there, and tripped insane. so make sure to warp them in something that you can injest so you don't lose any of the acid
  4. i buy acid thats dropped onto candies (bottlecaps to be exact) and the only way to tell if its real is to take it. i always suck on it till its completely dissolved. so let it dissolve dont eat it

  5. Your a fool dude that shit kills your liver:wave:
    Hes talking about cheesing it bra
  6. First time i took acid was a sugar cube..just let it dissolve

    The another time i had some high quality liquid and dropped it onto sugar cubes for people..that stuff was awesome

    overall i trust sugar cubes alot more then paper because most of the time ive tasted a slight slight taste to usually u can tell from sugar cubes if its fake or not after u eat it
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    There are lsd gels. Most of them are transparent and laid on a sheet.
  8. I have had lsd on sugar cubes at least a dozen times. For some reason when I do cubes I get a lot of twitching. It's not every time though. I don't know if its from the sugar or if its just not clean.
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    Just let it dissolve man, and have a good time. And there's a trick, if you've got a blacklight, LSD glows white under it ;)

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