Sufficient Light for Good Buds???

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by ChronicPower420, Mar 26, 2016.

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    Will this grow light be powerful enough to produce good buds? See below for product specs. I bought this light before I decided to grow that I have started growing, I dont want to go out and buy separate lights. I've done my research and based on the lumens(no PAR specs) I just dont think these lights will be powerful enough. Total lumen output of 3,400lm.

    Another reason why I dont think they will suffice is that I have to have them about 20in from the plant to not create light stress on the plant (had issues twice during my grow with putting too close). What I dont understand is, how a light, that is not sufficient for budding my plant, can create light stress when its 12 inches from the canopy?????? (I LST'd my plant so it has a flat christmas tree issues)

    I only have one plant so its not like I'm need the light to flower multiple plants.


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