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  1. the human condition?

    tis universal (the universe of our minds)

    i find sadness, i know sadness, i make myself suffer to 'feel'...

    am i sad, or do i make myself sad because i have nothing else?

    i cannot see the light that is, i seek the shadows, but the presence of shadows implies the existence of light; there is more out there, i just am blinded by myself

    i dont know my desires, i dont know myself, i dont know others, i want to know all... therein lies the problem...

    articulating arduously, attempting advancment,
    in vain, as is all
    seeking surreptitiously, suceptible
    to the influence of preconceptions
    he fails, to comprehend the objective
    and his part in it

    idk, yay weird states of mind, a sketch and quite a few thoughts have come from this situation i seem to have gotten myself into...

    life is the lessons you learn from your actions and interactions?
  2. Life is what you make it. Man is mind. You are what you think.

    You think about the darkness of life, you live it. You are it.

    You have to change your mindset to change your life.

  3. And this is why God debates are so frequent. There is no universal definition for god.

    You ARE your mind. Your body is merely a vehicle for your mind. Your true self lies within the collection of memories, experiences, thoughts, actions, desires, ect.

  4. ya, but what is the mind?

    and what is the nature of the percepetually liniar time, and our apparent beginning and end on that line?

    and what of the nature of consciousness, what is awarness, what seperates organic life (a collection of energy into subatomic particles into genetic material and life) from a collection of energy into subatomic particles....

    is there something more, is there somethign special...

    no one can know, everyone can only believe...

    billions of beliefs, none more correct than any other, all wrong, simply something accepted to appease the desire for a purpose

  5. Sounds about right.
  6. And is that not the purpose in and of itself? ;)

    I assume it's no coincidence the most mind-blowing thing about life is also the most mundane: it is what it is.
  7. I agree with this... You make your own life.
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    perhaps it is not your mind that makes your life, but your life that makes your mind. if everything was predestined than youre not making anything.

    but suffering is nothing without a comparison such as happiness, or you couldnt distinguish it
  9. I like this...
  10. thank you...

    i want to suffer, i like it... i should quit smoking at some point soon again

    but ill wait until something happens (either a trip [gotta be a rediculous one then] or a breakup...)

    ya, thats my story

    also, im a philo major, and i made my comp sci roommate have a 1 hour conversation on the nature of human life and life in general and some of the abstracts... he was like :smoking::eek::confused: by the end of it.... im gunna melt some minds here when i trip haha
  11. Stonerish : When I first read your post, I knew I was looking into somebody's brain. There was something in it.

    "he fails, to comprehend the objective
    and his part in it"

    That is mind numbing!! You have very sharp mind!

    Before you snapped, the last thing you said was,

    "therein lies the problem..."

    And therein lies the solution!!
    By realizing what the problem is, you've solved it.

    Many people don't even know what the problem is. They just fight, fight and fight... try to bite off each other's heads, not really knowing what good it's going to do.

    When two people are together, especially the married ones with kids, they need to know what the problem is, it is VERY important.

    WHY are we fighting?

    Not many times, can I say I know exactly why we're fighting. Most of time I'm fighting because I'm pissed off, and I'm pissed off because she's acting weird, and she's acting weird because SHE's pissed off too, and she's pissed off because I'm the one who's acting weird, can you believe that?

    It goes in circles and circles... until at some point, you realize you don't know what the problem is...

    And that is a good place to start.

    (I'm sorry man... I'm a bit stoned right now....)

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