Suffer from back pain?Come in.

Discussion in 'General' started by MandalaSmoker, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Any other blades have back pain?I have two discs in my back that are messed up.They are my L-1 S-8 and L-4 L-5.

    What do you guys do for pain?
  2. Yep, toss the pills in a jar and toke some really good Tahoe OG! Avoid stressful situations and pamper yourself with a good jacuzzi! Stop lifting anything that is over 20 pounds and doing things that pound your body!

    #1) Avoid surgery!
    Do some small stretching first thing in A.M. and sit-ups! That is, after the Tahoe OG!

    Avoid long-term pain therapy medication and epidurals with steriods, no matter, how much better it may make you feel! The side effects of the years will not be worth it, in the long stretch!

    Good luck Pal! I know it isn't much advice, but certainly good!

  3. There's been some DANK Tahoe OG goin around the San Fernando Valley.
  4. I lay on the floor every day for five minutes. Helps relieve stress off my back and tremendously helps my posture; which is a plus since I'm so damn tall....
  5. I need to do this more. I've had a shitty back forever, and I'm only 25... Starting to think I need to do like core strengthening exercises. and go to a dr... :(
  6. I'm young too bro.I'm never going to quit skateboardimg though sorry.Thanks for the advice.I only take pain pills for it like once every two weeks if that but. I have other motives behind that.
  7. I used to have back pain when I used to sleep with 2 pillows. When I started sleeping with 1 it went away.

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