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Suddenly, randomly getting high while on a break - pretty confused

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by rodenvy, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. So it seems I got high for no apparent reason last Wednesday. I hadn't taken anything for a like week so it was completely unexpected and I really don't think it was the placebo effect. I was walking to class when I noticed something was weird. I started having racing thoughts accompanied by some body feels and I was feeling pretty manic and euphoric. I can't explain it well. I was convinced that I could see everything, every intricate and infinitesimally small detail in the world with full clarity and I could forgive and understand every human being on earth if we could just sit and talk. Then the familiar feeling suddenly kicked in. I couldn't stop smiling, I was giggling like mad at the stupidest shit and even my eyes were getting pretty squinty. I didn't get super high but it felt like a 5/10 and I was glad I only had that one class that day haha
    The last time I smoked was Thursday the week before. My friend and I got super baked before he had to go back to South Korea and couldn't toke anymore. And I had been experimenting with edibles before that with mixed results, but after Thursday I decided to stop everything for a while because my stash was getting low.
    What the hell happened? Has anyone every gotten a random high like that? I read that THC gets stored in fat and if your body breaks down your fat stores, like say after exercise, you could get another high. Could that have been it?

  2. If you didn't ingest any THC, you weren't high on THC. What you were feeling is likely the rebound of your cannabinoid system.
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    deja vue
    we just had this theme of a story...flashbacks from pot smoking a long time ago...
    new acccount
    supported with new acounts
    all bullshit stories and claims....
    they are getting better though, leaving an escape clause in case someone points out the propaganda the post screams.
    <edit> some people have no idea they are supporting the propaganda, they repeat it because they have heard it so often they have doubt what the truth is...and p.c. teachings mean they can't call it BULLSHIT...glad I don't do p.c.
  4. Seriously why do people say the got high when they didn't smoke, vape, or eat an edible. Its just annoying.
  5. no idea. it's impossible. check your blood sugar. go home.
  6. Your just happy to be alive
  7. You were dying. Get yourself checked.
    Dibs on OP's stuff when "he, she or it," goes. 
  8. this
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    What are you talking about...I see a lot of hate for these random noob posters lol.
    You can get phantom highs up to a week later from your cannabinoid system normalizing itself. If you're brain is used to something it can totally recreate the experience. It is after using the same system that sober highs come from.  Hell, I can get high when I smoke in my dreams if I'm on a tolerance break (if I smoke in my dreams when I'm actively smoking I don't actually get high and that's a trigger into a lucid dream). Some people are hella sensitive and when you come off a massive smoking cycle and just go cold turkey your body can do some strange things.
    This is not AT ALL unheard of. How the hell is that propaganda? sounds like a super nice thing to have retardedly sensitive receptors man...idk why anyone wouldn't want that.
    Just because you aren't as sensitive as someone else doesn't mean everyone is the same.
    I've gotten sober highs all my life that are similar to a Cannabis high but obviously not one. Chill relaxed vibes. Annoying people don't bother me. Increased music appreciation. Appetite stimulation. Colors being more vibrant. everything seeming just a little unreal....maybe that's what he's experiencing and just noticing the similarities. After experiencing cannabis it's much easier to notice the similarities. Hell, sleep deprivation can give you a high all on it's own if you have the right mindset (9/10 it probs won't though). It's random and can easily be mistaken for some other feeling. Especially to someone used to getting high all the time.
    but no, it's not a "real" high. In that he didn't actually smoke. Still a high though.
  10. Oh fuck, not you again. Stop spreading ignorance and hate, Cball. People can FOR SURE have this happen to them, in fact i thought that most stoners knew this could happen. Oh, and let me guess, you're not going to reply?
  11. OP, don't worry about. It's nothing bad. If it happens again, then just enjoy it and take advantage of the fact that you get to get high without having to spend any money on anything :)
  12. Dream weeds are free man. Don't see anybody posting about that. Gotta love free highs ha.

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