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Suddenly high after 24 hours?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SlyMalice, Oct 17, 2014.

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    So I have basically sat in a room with 4 freinds for 2 days hotboxing. When I came home last night I went straight to bed, and I felt pretty normal in the morning. Now at around 8 pm when I was doing some quick homework, I suddenly began feeling high. It is not as intense as being high for real, but my head is really clouded, I can't focus, i'm relaxed and everything is kind of spinning around. Is this normal? Do I have some leftover THC, that suddenly just activated? Still feeling it after 3 hours (rigth now). Advice?

  2. Well, THC stores in your bodies fat cells. So if you have a lot of THC stored then I guess when your body metabolises that fat it releases any THC it had stored in there into your bloodstream again, it's obviously not as intense as when you smoked but it does get released.

    I just always remember my father saying to me when I was a teenager, he was a drinker. He would say, "son I can get drunk tonight and wake up tomorrow and it has all left my system, but ever wonder why sometimes out of no where when you have not even smoked that shit you feel a little giggle coming on or you all of a sudden feel a little stupid ?" Then he would say, "that's your marijuana coming back to say hello again after being released from some of your fat cells"
  3. Sounds like you got the marijuana poisoning
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    Yes, better call 911, I might be the first guy in the world that dies of weed. :yay:
    Ohh that explains it all. Thanks man, did not even know that could happend hahaha. :bongin:
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  6. The stuff binding to your fats is not psychoactive. That is not why. Probably your brain readjusting to normalcy after a long period of intoxication.

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  7. If you hotboxed for 2 days its no wonder you still feel high.
  8. Such an awesome story, can you tell it again?
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    Brother, it's THC that' binds to your fat, is that not psychoactive enough for you ?

    Do a little homework before you retort with certainty my friend.
    this is just 100% wrong. once consumed thc is converted to an inactive metabolite which most certainly will not get you high when you burn fat lol.
  11. I get so jealous everytime I read threads like these, I would be estactic if I could be stoned for more than a hour/hour and a half.

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