Sudden Spotting/Yellowing During Flower

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  1. So I left them under the care of a friend for a week and came back to leaf yellowing, spotting and crumbling.The plant never shown signs of yellowing or anything else until now. About the plant:

    • 2 females in one 10 gallon pot
    • Regular home deopt soil with no added nutrients ever aside from coconut water once a month .
    • They sprouted July 5th.
    • LED grow light about 6 inches from top
    Is the plant done for?

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  2. Would need closer pics. "Spotting" could be a few things depending on what it looks like. Spider mites leave tiny spots. So could a few other things. Can't tell from pic.
  3. well if it has been 5 months you may want to wait 2 more months the yellowing just means they are hungry you may want to totally change everything you are doing if you want to try again because this to me seams like a waste of your time
  4. how much do you think you will get when she is done dried and cured my estimate is 11 grams for 6 months work
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    Idk if it's just the pic but leaves that aren't yellowing look too dark. To have not been fed something's off. 2 plants shouldnt be able to make it 6 months with no food in a 10 gallon. Id suggest the lack of aerated soil and poor watering practices lead to over watered and stunted plants. Be good to get a ph and ppm pen to be able to get soil readings that'll give you an idea of what's going on, giving you a better idea of what's needed or isn't.

    From the pic it looks like those plants are still being fed veg nutrients, does the soil bag have a npk number? Since plants are stunted they'd have little root growth leaving alot of available nutrients for what little root growth that is happening. Again could just be the flash and or room lighting.

    Theres also burnt tips and some clawing going on which isnt associated with under feeding or deficiency, there are more issues here than just a deficiency.
  6. Looks like it needs some nutes.
    That soil does not look very good for growing cannabis. Next time, you will be better off if you get something better suited. So Hum seems to be The Hot Thing right now in living soil, but I can't vouch for it as I don't grow in soil.

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  9. This is how they looked three weeks ago

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  10. Imo it doesn't matter what you do, those plants are going to continuously get worse. Need to clarify what the actual problem is. Just because it shows deficiency throwing nutrients at it isnt always the answer. Those plants are in a 10 gallon the size of them I'd guess their roots take up about 4 gallons 5 being generous. Understanding why their showing deficiency along with tip burns and clawing or tip curling would benefit your situation over adding more nutrients.
  11. First grow so I wasn’t expecting anything!
  12. Future grows 10 gallon big enough for 1 plant. At 6 months those plants should be about 10xs their size right now. Buy perlite or pumice for soil aeration without it, harder for water to drain and roots to grow both resulting in a stunted plant. Buy a ph and a ppm tester pen. Those are not only used to test what you're putting into medium they can also be used to obtain medium readings helping eliminate many various factors that could be causing issues.

    Starting in smaller starter pots help eliminate over watering helping young plants get off to a good start
  13. well i bet it will be good smoke just make sure you dry it correctly

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