sudden large yellow and brown spots. please help

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  1. Hey guys, if you could help i'd appreciate it. This is my 3rd hydro grow. first two were ok but i was hoping to do better this time. unfortunately i'm running into issues. as you can see by the pics, my leaves developed some nasty spots on the big plant and some brown around the edges. the small plant is just sort of sickly looking and the leave started to turn up starting today. any ideas? i'll provide all the relevant info i can think of, if i leave anything out, just ask and i'll provide it.

    Technoflora nutes in distilled water
    PH stays between 5.5-6 (sometimes hovers very close to 6)
    temsps in the high 70's during the day

    i'm using air stones, which might be the problem. since their so porous can bacteria live in them after they are cleaned? i swap out the solution once a week. when i do i run 1 hour cycle of h20+H202 through the system and roots. i also clean the reservoir and air stones and there is always a good build up of brown looking crap. is this root rot or some kind of harmful bacteria? it seems to be more than the last grows, but i'm also growing 2 plants instead of 1 this time so i don't know if its due to that or if its something worse.

    these are high quality seeds from theAttitude and i'd hate to lose them so i'd appreciate any help i can get. plus i grow for myself and if i lose these i'm gonna have a painfully long dry spell. thanks guys.

    Also, being a noob if you know whats wrong, a good explanation of what to do to correct it would be appreciated since i'm far from being a pro

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  2. bump. could still use advice
  3. i am having a very similar problem with my seeded plants from attitude.

    running led, low 70's in room, soil, using distilled water as well. ph is 6.1

    i have slight browning, mild yellowing.
  4. also having a similar problem but much more advanced:



    doing a DWC, I think its magnesium deficiency but it hasn't worked so far... dont think its pH/temp related but no idea what to do.
  5. Bro whats good...... fix the issue by flushing with couple gallons of distilled water or RO water..... let that clear up the salts after a day or 2 feed with qrt dose of feed. You got the plants hot with to high of a PPM I bet.... back off the nuts for a couple days flush and youll get new growth within a week take care homie and back of the nuts
  6. i'm sorry for your plight! but i have to say that i read the title of this thread super quickly and thought this would be about giraffes. so, i'm sorry for your plight, but i'm also sorry this thread isn't about giraffes.

  7. WTF:confused: ^^^^^ ummm yea
  8. "sudden large yellow and brown spots. please help" sounds like a giraffe tragedy to me!

  9. Put the pipe down
  10. dick , say something to help the lad out . you were a novice once u ignorant fucker .
    Looks like too muck ferts , just give plain ph`d water for couple weeks . let them use up all the food they have . Think u may have mag def aswell
  11. thanks for the advice. i'm giving them a full dose of nutes so that could be the issue. thanks again.
  12. never give full dose man im havng same issue atm but ive had no end of issues with my grow i started giving ph'd water and foliar feeding as show signs of N P and K def. but at same time looked over fertalised so plain water and added a lil baby bio for with 20 N and some bloombastic for P n K both around 14 or summit just a drop of each into a spay bottle and misted plants just before lights out. all my problems disappeared but today yellow spots appeared like magic lmao. fine at lights out fucked at lights on.... aint done nothing towards my mag def since first sorted it im hoping i just need to top up. maybe you need to try summit a lil simular. oh and epsom for the mag def. peace

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