Sudden bad buds - not mold, not pests - any ideas?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Robsamui, Oct 27, 2022.

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    Growing Dieselmatic week 10, everything filling out nicely, and on the home straight.

    Growing in pots in an open-sided small greenhouse with LED overlights.
    South of Thailand - rainy season started about a week ago - high temp and high humidity - fans on 24 hrs top and bottom - defoliated and lots of air and space around the plants.

    I've had a real close look at the 'rot' under a microscope no sign of powdery stuff, wispy filaments or creepy crawlies - so it's not caterpillars or mini bugs. I've suddenly noticed this rot appear in 2 plants - just on one bud on each (but the top cola!!) and I've hacked both the bad parts off. and sprayed lightly with diluted neem oil - am getting some bacillus thuringiensis spray asap.

    I'm new at this so any way to avoid this the next time would be appreciated.
    badbud - 1.jpg badbud - 1a.jpg badbud - 2.jpg
  2. Sorry to hear , most likely the High Humidity due to rainy season
    Did they get wet also when it rained ? Maybe try better seeds some are more disease resistant next time.
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  3. I'd say you're past the point where neem or another spray would be beneficial. rot happens....just gotta deal with it.
  4. Spraying neem oil on a plant in full flower is a bad idea. It will leave a taste. As was said bud rot happens. Remove the bad spots and if it keeps coming back or gets more aggressive all you can do at that point is chop the plant down.
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  5. Build a grow room inside Bring the plants indoor next time you grow.
    Rain forests are way to wet.
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  6. grow sativa dom plants, they come from your neck of the world and easy customed to your situation, be careful with Neem most flavor will fade but some will remain in the dried bud

    good luck
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    They were under cover . . .
    I've spent the last full day surfing surfing surfing - and it makes total sense that the sudden recent increase in humid air is the culprit.
    Yesterday it was raining - 96% humidity. Today it's bright patchy clouds with the sun squeezing through and 71% humidity. I was hoping to get away with it . . .

    I just checked dates again and today is exactly 60 days in the cycle. A close look at the trichomes show about half of them are cloudy
    So the plan is . . . flush them thoroughly and give max 24-hour lighting for 2 days to give them a final boost. Then chop them and fingers crossed for the drying.

    Good plan or not? Or should I cut my losses and simply flush and cut?


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