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Sudanese Marijuana

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Sudan420, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Ok im an american, been traveling my whole life and decided to come back to my birth country.Ive grown and harvested twice before with great results (indoors).Anyways since ive been here, the Buds here look like Thai sticks, a bunch of buds bunched together and tied with a string to make one solid nug shape, very interesting, there are schwagish feeling nugs and some feel like crazy headie buds


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  2. That actually looked like an awesome Indica Cola before i read the description of what it actually is :D

    Thanx for posting the pics tho, the GC crew are allways interested with seeing international buds.. i'm sure you'll be bombarded with questions over the next couple of days now ;)

    What type of prices are buds per gram there? did you have to hookup through pretty shifty characters?

  3. each nug stick weighs anywhere from 18-28+ grams, costing 15-35 U.S. depending on quality , grow farms are in the east if the country and different batches goes to certain people, its like levels.I buy my bud from a few officers in the police, and drug unit LOL.very easy reliable transactions no worries
  4. i would say 95% of the stuff that goes around is is Sativa strains.Here a pic of another nug i got a few days ago


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  5. If the cops/drug units are they ones selling buds, what do they actually do for thier job?

    Are they just looking for opium or cocain smugglers etc?
  6. Quick question for all u experienced tokers does anyone know about chocolate rain?

  7. they sell to few ppl to make some extra cash on the side cause cops dont get much here.The look for the big big fish bringing in huge amounts of bud and heroin, and the idiots that cant handle themselves being high (as if it was acid or someshit), and also alcohol as this is a shria law country as in Saudi Arabia., every state is differnt , but im in the capitol where bud flows freely, and some can compare to some of the reallt great headies ive smoked in the states, even tho its compressed and has seeds which boggles my mind.:smoke:
  8. That's really interesting.

    Do you happen to know how they dry and cure these? I've heard about the Malawi Cobs, where they cure them by wrapping them and burying them for months. I can't help but wonder if they do something similar with these? It's something I'd like to try sometime, once money stops being such a damned issue.
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    its kinda weird one guy that used to grow in darfur area was telling me that they picked the buds sun dry for short period of time then they get a bunch of buds together (still somewhat moist) tightly weave it with a string very tightly, they lightly glaze each nug with honey and put it in leather bags and bury it to "ferment" then bring it back out and let them all sun dry.The sun is Extremly hot here, gets up to 52 celcius in the summer times
  10. Aha!

    That's what I thought!

    How does it taste? Could you foresee any benefit to curing in this manner, or do you feel that this is just a way to make do with a harsh environ?
  11. Only benefit of curing this way is because its compressed, otherwise its useless unless youre in this environment.
  12. Cool cool, good to know. Thanks bro.
  13. Hi bro, Nice bud u have there. I'm a Sudanese and I have to say ur a cool guy. True about the way Sudanese cure buds, the only addative is banana leaves and covers, that's what is used to wrap the bud in.
    It's full of seeds and mostly very potent stuff.

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