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Sucking your own dick dream/nightmare

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by grogro, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. What do you mean, dream...
  2. Suck my OWN DICK!

    Like a boss.
  3. too much breaking bad for you

    i suck my own dick everyday. all you gotta do is cut it off and put it in a jar of salt water.
  4. [quote name='"apogee"']Yep I've had that dream. Usually during the dream I think to myself, " How long have I been able to do this and why haven't I been doing this more often?"[/quote]

    Yep had that one too.
  5. I've always wondered if guys have thought about doing this...
  6. Never had that, but the other night I was having a dream where I had to go through several situations where I couldn't see what was happening because there was something blocking my sight... in the grand scheme of things I think it was some sort of torture. Anyways, one of the situations was being raped by a black girl. Nothing against black girls, I'm just saying it was an extremely weird dream
  7. Prolly not gonna admit whether or not I've had that dream, but according to the internets, it has something to do with wanting self gratification. Maybe it's a dream about wanting to jaggoff?

    And if guys could suck their own dicks, we'd cease to exist as a species.

  8. every guy has thought about this.

    if any of you could suck your own dick i guarantee you would.
  9. supposedly marilyn manson removed his two lowest ribs so he could suck his own dick
  10. No but i had a real feeling nightmare last night which i haven't had for a long long time.

    It went like this.

    I was with my mom and a couple other people in a house somewhere.

    All of a sudden i start levitating n feel my like i'm laying on my back in the air and i have this whole body feeling like i'm actually in the situation and scared out of my fucking mind but i cant move and i remember trying to move n even push my tongue through my lips but i couldn't.

    Then i'm down and i'm holding my mom and shes shaking uncontrollably while everyone is screaming were being attacked by demons!

    In my dream i start to try and scream Jesus but its so hard n then i finally get it out in my dream and scream Jesus save us and i wake up.

  11. you experienced some form of sleep paralysis. happened to me many times when i have been trying to sleep and when i'm about to conk out an odd feeling overcomes my body and i know i need to try to move. but when i try to move it gets harder to breathe and i feel like i'm frozen. and after a few minutes i can move again and breathe and speak. shit's crazy yo. look it up
  12. Get a few ribs removed and you're golden.
  13. If I could, I would --swallow too. Why not finish it off? I'd probably never come out of my room.
  14. I assure you, it doesn't taste like candy :cool:
  15. #38 The Third Eye, Nov 12, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 13, 2011
    I keep having this dream where my dick is fucking myself in the ass. Does this mean I need to get laid or should I just go fuck myself?
  16. Haha, The Third Eye, bringing a whole new meaning to "Go fuck yourself." :laughing:
  17. i dunno man, i figure its not gay until you finish in your mouth.

    or its not gay if you strictly enjoy the feeling of your dick, not the feeling in your mouth!!

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