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Sucking your own dick dream/nightmare

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by grogro, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Has anyone else had the trying to suck your own dick dream? Mine goes something like this I am stretching and can almost get it but not quite and then I wake up with a boner. And I'm not gay,"not that there is anything wrong with that".
  2. Come on all you aspiring self suckers let's hear about your dreams!
  3. I had one once. It was a friggin weird feeling because I woke up and thought I'd just learned how to do it the day before. Thankfully I don't remember most of my dreams.
  4. ive had some weird dreams...

    this chick was fucking a dog like a female dog but i was like wait she has a penis and looked closer and it was just another dog
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    Yeah, I won't lie - I've had a dream that I was making out with a chick with a full beard. I mean - WHAT THE FUCK?!

    And yes, as far as the OP is concerned... I ummm... I have. :eek: But that was only during a dry spot for me. It obviously meant that I wanted my dick sucked! By a chick! :D

    Laugh away, people. I find it quite humorous myself!

    I almost spit out my Gatorade reading this. And then your avatar. Is that really you?? Whoever it is looks fucking BAKED.
  6. Rather than dream, anyone actually have the ball to admit to trying this?

    Que Will Farrel Saturday night live yoga skit.
  7. I've had this one once. Then my hair fell out and I was paralyzed. Weird shit.
  8. yeah i have those except ill be sucking my dick and on the verdge of cumming and it never happens.
  9. not me, but i had a dream the other night where i was like in the world of spongebob, and spongebob and patrick were there, and they whipped out their dicks and started sword fighting with them, like literally sword fighting. then i woke up. i started cracking up instantly. i love wierd dreams
  10. I had a strange dream where there was this hot chick wearing clothes that covered her whole body and it was stormy. Then lightning zapped her clothes off and I woke up hard...wtf?

    Every dream I have had has been weird...
  11. Holy shit, I've had that dream!
  12. I love this thread.
  13. Wait..

    Sucking your OWN dick, makes you gay? But, How?! Anyways, no I've never had that dream, thankfully.
  14. I can get just the tip in my mouth.

    It wasn't fun though, hurt my back :/
  15. As long as another man isn't doing it, it's not even definably gay. And plus if you want your dick sucked and you can't get a girl to do it? At that point you're just determined, or flat out flexible.

    ...because if I could eat myself out, I would. At least to see what it's like. :cool:
  16. I never used to remember my dreams, that is until very recently. Last night I dreamt about buying an RV & turning it into my personal grow room, & I was playing with a kitten. But no dreams about sucking or fucking myself yet
  17. Yep I've had that dream. Usually during the dream I think to myself, " How long have I been able to do this and why haven't I been doing this more often?"
  18. I tried it a couple of times when I was like 15 and it hurt my back like hell just to get the tip in.

    Not really worth it cuz you couldn't focus on the proper sensations lul
  19. I know a guy who can do it, he says it's a lot like trying to tickle yourself, it would probably feel good if you could get past the fact that you have a dick in your mouth.....

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