"Suckers" are flourishing

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  1. Hey guys,

    So here's the deal, I went over to a friend's place a week ago to see how he was doing, he was leaving to Gaspe the following day when I showed up. I saw a plant on his roof outside his window! I asked him about it because it was burnt to a crisp and he said it was a male. However! I knew that there was no way he would figure this out cuz 1. He's not even close to an experienced grower and 2. He just likes to talk out of his ass.

    So I ask him if I can take it, and he says sure why not he's leaving anyways and it's basically dead, which it was! I looked at it and every single leaf, stem, even the main stem was finished. BUT I looked at the bottom where the main stem emerged from the soil and saw 4-5 little babies at the bottom growing out of the earth, a few little "suckers".

    I took the plant home, and since the plant was finished, I took it out of the totally dried up soil it was in and put it on the table. I then grabbed my pre-mixed soil that the local head shop had prepared for me. I put the new mixed soil (perlite, etc..) into a bigger pot than what the plant was originally in. When that was done, I took took the plant, checked the roots. Most of the roots were dead, but there was some small ones that were still alive. I chopped the big roots a big and dipped them in rooting hormone (just in case) and the dipped the smaller live roots into the hormone as well.

    After that was done, I directly sprayed the roots with my 20-20-20 transplant nutes that I had prepared from my "Technaflora Starter Kit" (these nutes seem to work great btw). Made a hole in the middle of the pot of earth, sprayed some water in it and then planted it.

    When it was planted, I watered the soil generously and then CHOPPED the main stem of the burnt plant off down to the second node (the thing was literally toast). I did this just in case it would in any way leach the energy that the little guys could be getting.

    Now I'm on day seven, been watering when necessary and will feed it again tomorrow. Check it out! The "Suckers" are flourishing.

    THE SUCKERS: (click on question mark, should work..)

    I've got one question though, is there anything that I'm missing or do you guys have any suggestion or knowledge as to how this thing is going to grow, will it be successful? Thanks for the feedback.

    PS: Indoor grow, 2 CFLs with 2 different nicely concentrated light spectrums (one's more orange, one's more blue), 1 tube fluo (12 inch tropical light in cover of aquarium). Growing in a 18long/12wide/14tall aquarium covered in black/white paper. Light cycle currently at 18/6 on timer with a fan (non-oscillating) blowing on high (lvl 3 of 3).

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