suck my cack comcast!

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  1. :mad:

    fucking sly bastards. ever since i canceled my cable, from comcast.(had cable and internet package through them) now i just have internet. but since i turned off the cable those fuckers blocked all the sites where you can watch tv shows on your computer. i cant get hulu anymore... if this is some some shady way to try and get me to pay for cable you can suck my dick comcast.

  2. WTF, can they srsly do that? Like srsly? Call them up and threaten to cancel
    your account if they don't take off those restrictions. First, make sure they're the ones blocking you. Once you call and threaten them, talk some shit about their company, stating you were thinking about switching over to Time Warner and that this incident just convinced you to switch over. Depeding on who you talk to, comcast will either lower your price or give you something for your troubles.
  3. Oh wow if this is happening regularly that is scary

    I already hate having to watch a whole 30 seconds of commercials before I watch anything on video sites
  4. If they are really doing that you should cancel your subscription immediately. Get Verizon or something, anything but those slimy fuckers.
  5. is this some kind of sick joke
  6. Hopefully you even got options for providers where you live.

    Fuck these multimedia fucks. I've moved 2 times a year for 3 years and have been fucked on almost every bill/service since then. They all suck.

    Best of luck.
  7. i honestly think comcast is the only cable/internet provider in my area. :(
  8. cant you just use a different dns service like opendns is free for the basic works well.
  9. Hm. I could have sworn censorship was illegal...

  10. i know right? this isnt fucking north korea god dammit. i want my innanetz back
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    If you can, get Time Warner or a Netflix box.
  12. Just call and tell them to remove the restrictions or fuck off.
  13. Is it illegal to block sites? Aren't you using their service for internet?

    Anyways, still BS, and you should look into Clearwire. I tried their trial when they first came up, and it was solid. Way better than Comcast, but it seems that you're in Utah, which might mean you won't get good coverage.

    Use a proxy?
  14. i don't think that's legal? this isn't n korea. btw all company's that provide internet,home phone,cell phone, cable and sattelite they are all swines. too bad ya cant somehow make your own internet.

  15. Dial up. It's free.

  16. Ha, not exactly what you said but I was thinking about how I could make my own browser. I'm so sick of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Goog Chrome. Everytime I try to search something through Google or Bing or anything else I'll find what I am looking for, click the link and it pops up saying 'Redirect' and sends me to some gay ass site everytime.

    Back on topic, OP should call Comcast and tell them to remove the restrictions or suck dick.
  17. Sounds like you might have some sort of malware.

  18. whats the fun in that? it would take like 3 hours to watch a 30 tv show

  19. A joke?
  20. Don't you need a provider to dial to?? Atleast that's how it was when I had it some years back.

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