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such thing as a "bad trip?"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by waterhurley, Nov 29, 2003.

  1. wel last week i sat down and lit up a joint... 1 joint.. i smoked it all up and sat down to watch some tv... then i dropped some eye drops (stung for a sec) and i got thirsty... grabbed some water and sat down again... then it felt like something was stabbing the back of my throat repeadidly... i didnt know what to do.. it felt so wierd and real.. i flipped out and started to panic... the throbing and stabbing got realer and realer... i though i OD'd or something... why did this happen and what can i do for preventing this next time?
  2. omg im so sorry wrong forum... im sorry i posted it again in the right forum... very sorry mates but if you can still help me out that would be cool

  3. no this was after i smoked like all ashed were gone and crap it was about 10 mins later...

  4. it cleared up after i awakend the next morning... but it scared me to hell cuz i thought i was dieing
  5. 2 or 3 times when ive smoked, ive gotten like really anxious and impatient and so bored and i hate it
  6. I don't know if it was weed alone or it had PCP in it, but my heart started to race, everything starting feeling like it was closing in, and I was hearing a loud buzzing noise. It was NOT fun.
  7. i noticed that heartburn while high really feels bad because my throat's irritated from smoking..... feels kinda like stabbing
    dont know what to tell ya though lol
  8. Holy shit the same thing happened to me the other day.It was so scarry.Did you by chance use bible papers? Or something besides smoking papers?
  9. yeah i used a paper bag lol
  10. Well... you can't OD on marijuana, so it wasnt because you smoked too much...
  11. Does the title "MK-ULTRA" mean anything to anyone? The symptoms you report sound alarmingly similar to a set of reported results from one of the secret experiments. But I'm sure (about 99.9%) that the two aren't related. Couldn't be related. Could they?
  12. I don't think ive ever had a trip where i felt that something was physicaly wrong, that i was going to die, or be sick. I have however had trips where i just wished i had not smoked...where i have been overcome by anxioty, fear etc. sometimes you find yourself stoned when you have to preform an important task or need to be fully concious. it sucks to be fucked up in these situations. but for the most part i avoid them. One time i can say that i had a very bad trip was when i smoked with my dad and his former frat brothers on a camping trip. whohhh, that was weird. no real words to explain it other than: What The Fuck?! its really something else to be stoned with your dad.
  13. It sounds similar to an anxiety attack...
  14. im really wacked again.. i think i feel it coming on again.. hehe its funny i keep for getting to breathe ut oh!!! haha tvm... i dont think about it im fine. if i keep forgetting to breath ill die ut oh!!! that would be bad! i hope i dont die!! haha i dont want to die! hahaha die... sounds like dice.. figured id share that thith you all
  15. I've never experienced anything like that, but once or twice I smoked and then began to feel very nauseous and dizzy. This was mostly when I had been dancing for hours on end already. A old friend of mine once started screaming, "I'm gonna die!!!" from several bong rips. He was fairly experienced, but prone to weird behavior sometimes. I never asked him, but I could only assume he had a bad trip off weed. BTW, I smoked the same stuff, and although I got really high, it didn't affect me badly at all.
  16. i feel liek my throat is getting smaller all the time..mayeb it was the same thing, just more extreme, but never woryr when your high on weed, it wont od you or kill you or anything, and your not gunan faint, and anyoen hwos notlooking probably cnat tell yoru high. what i woudl do is try to think about something els ebesides the throat, its very hard to think of more thne one thing, even if one is a physical discomfort, while stoned. try that, and more water, and looking into the sky next time(the sky is just fun, lol) PEACE!
  17. I read in a panflet on weed that it would take 40 000 times the amount of weed it takes you to feel high to make you OD. They tried to OD rats on THC and thats what they concluded. Man, thats like 30 tons of Weed for me!! Smoke on!

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