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such is life

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ihugtrees, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. there's this 3 foot phx, and it wants me to take it home with me. it's owned by my friend, who i'm amazed has a job (i dont have a job, takes on to know one) he's all caught up with alcohol and cocaine... and dip- at least he quit cigs power to him. i offered him 140, and he got really excited. oh man what an opportunity! i can't wait to toke on that beast. i just decided last night that i'd save up to get it, and already i have $55.85. i'm proud i could get that, especially from a bunch of crap on craigslist. the thing is, i havent smoked since yesterday, and it's starting to wear on me. i want some herbs, but i dont want to spend any of this money! i'll bet i can get that phx by wednesday if i just chill. ha i need like a wallet sized photo of the bong
  2. I feeeeel yaaa...
    I cant get you any advice because I have not accomplished the feat of saving my weed money.
  3. Yeah, I'm definiately not the one to talk to about saving money up. Only for me, the case is usually I'm saving it for something, then end up buying a new piece or some bud with the money. Nothing wrong with that though, eh?
  4. Get a job son.
  5. Just keep the cash put away and don't have it on you, that way your less tempted...
  6. show me a job that isnt torture. by the way i hate people, refuse to get a haircut, work with food, pass a drug test, or be motivated. so yeah. wanna buy a custom t-shirt?
  7. I thought i was the only one..
  8. start hustlin. dont u know you'll end up ballin?
  9. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha

  10. good luck with life and everything.
  11. sounds like an awesome bong. jobs are a pain in the ass, but the constant stream of legit money is verrrry nice
  12. i don't need luck. i've got karma

  13. haha great advice
    but in all reality, if its not unrealistic in your situation (living with parents who are anti, or don't know a connect) see if you can get a dealer to front you like a half (dont take more than that at first, u dontw ant to be in over your head) Ask how much he wants back for it and how long you have, and bag that shit out and start flipping. Go back to him when u have half of his money, no matter how much time has passed, just to show him your not fucking him, and tell him you'll have the second half soon.. then the leftover is either yours to smoke out of that new PhX, or yours to sell so you can buy the PhX
    but just be careful, don't get into that if your not serious about it, its not smoething u can just forget.. if you get fronted that weed (probably unlikely come to think of it, unless your close with a dealer), you WILL be expected to sell it, no bullshitting in that business.
  14. wow u need to stop smoking weed if your over 18 and only have 55 dollars and are willing to spend all your money on a bong.
  15. Umm, yeah, and what are ya gonna put in the bong? :confused: :D

  16. pretty much any job is torture, get used to it thats life. If you dont want to work then you shouldn't eat let alone smoke weed. So quit bitching get off your ass and get to work for the stuff you want.
  17. well, i just spent the money on some regs and 5 hits of LSD. luckily i've got an 80$ worth of furniture that's gettin sold today:D

  18. lol ur the one who makes all potheads look bad...
  19. thank you
  20. why dont you rip the copper plumbing out of your walls and sale it as well?

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