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Such an "Apprentice Toker", Question...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OutFromOutWere, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Ok so what happend is that i smoked a While back, (more like 22 days ago)
    and i still feel high, not really the "evrything is funny" part of it,
    but the Dream state of mind, and memory really sucks(like when i do something, a minute later it feels like it was 100 hours ago), so yea, its been like 22 days
    since i last smoked(almost a month) is this normal??
    i was talking with my Bro about it and he said that it happend to him once years ago when he just started smoking, and told me that i should just ignore it
    and keep smoking and it will go away, idk why, but i didnt really believe him,
    is he right?

    P.S. its kinda irritating after a while haha
  2. idk man sounds crazy. what did you smoke ?
  3. I'd smoke a bowl or two and see if it goes away after a day. You probably just 'think' your still high, but really your not.

    Basically what I'm saying is, its all in your head.
  4. It can't still be the weed, the human brain is a powerful thing, it could be making you feel like you're still buzzed.
  5. never happened to me, its probably just happening because you think it is happening, its hard to explain, but its just mind over matter, just wake up tomorrow and tell yourself "I am completely sober" then just go through your day like that, and see if it works.
  6. yeah... unless you started producing THC in your brain and your body knows how to use it

    if you have developed such a characteristic

    have as many children as you can. this is an important step in evolution.

    but seriously its prolly just you thinking you're high. my friend claimed to be high for 3 days... bull shit
  7. alrite guys i'll give it a try, I am completely with you guys with the possibility that it's in my head, but i searched it up before i posted on it, and i read about some people that had it for like 3 months!...crazy.
  8. haha alrite Gilu, haha pretty funny
  9. Normal... Dont worry...

    The very first time I smoked was with some dank club shit and I just started trippin balls. Everything turned into a slide show type thing (if that makes any sense).

    I was out of it for awhile after... was in my car when I toked so for like a month or so after that every time I got into my car I started getting that "high" feeling again. It was pretty sick
  10. thanks watusippin? that helped...

    and yea i get the whole "slideshow type thing"
    its pretty trippy at times!!
  11. dude i wish i could just think i was high all the time
    your life must be awsome
    you can blaze for free with out blazing :hello:
  12. Its all in your head theres no way your high 22 days after smoking. Just think rationally about it. I think you knew this was a dumb post from the beginning. lol
  13. yeah i guess im just over reacting...
  14. Happened to me too man, then I started smoking everyday and it all went back to normal when I'm sober now. It is annoying for sure, but it does go away, just toke up again.
  15. I had this happen to me too. Slowly smoke yourself down.
  16. No problem...

    Some people like myself just start with a super low tolerance to it. But after smoking for awhile it mellows out (but then you miss the slide show :smoking:)
  17. Sounds like a classic case of a marijuana cigarette laced with angel dust. They told us this would happen.
  18. No you're good man. The after-effects definitely do not last anywhere near 3 weeks. Especially if it was your first time smoking.

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