Such a terrible a day

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  1. Soo I'm just chillin at my house then my friend calls me( we basically burn everyday) and he says " yo I got a L come to the trail. ( keep in mind that it is snowing like a motherfucker) so I meet up with him and we had to roll under some bushes with a goosebumps books lol then after a little while we start real fuckin cold so we just peace. Then as I start walkin back to my houses it just hits me.. I'm stoned out of my mind and Then as I'm walking through this trail I see a dark figure and I start Gettin paranoid and for some reason I thought he was a killer(LOL) so I take a different trail and I'm thinking I won't make it back to my house cause there's already 2 feet of snow on da ground and it's still snowing but after a hour of walking through the trail I make it back home and the first thing that popped in my mind was " how did I not die" lol crazy ass day :D
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    Damn nanuk of the north quite an adventure you had! :hello:

  3. cool story bro fail
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    not quite sure what you mean.. I know how to post pictures but felt that actually posting a coolstory picture is played out as shit. Coolstory.jpg made you think of the actual picture did it not? meme of a meme, son get with it :smoke:

    edit- i guess if your makes you feel better [​IMG]
  5. tried to hard
  6. Cool story sis.
  7. Riveting Recall, Chap.
  8. pretty sure he was talking about your fail alternative to "Cool Story Bro" in text

  9. Where do you live if its still snowing?

    Its fucking may
  10. U got high and went for a walk in some snow. Hows that a terrible day sounds delightful.
  11. What the fuck is this thread about?

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