Successful or NOT?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Scorpius, May 12, 2006.

  1. Okay I posted before worried about ants, no problem at all like a week ago which was the first time I planted the germinated seeds, now they all sprouted and moving on two there true leaves, some plants are like a day or two under a week. So is this good? BTW I wanna know, one plant has like purple-ish dots on the leaves towards the center of the sprout does that mean it's purple haze cause IDK what type of seeds they were when I got them, I got 45 free seeds from my friend he said he'll give me all types of breeds. :hello:

    So if anyone can tell me which type of marijuana it is I'd greatly appreciate it :D

    Happy growing.

    For all those who wanna know what I did to be successful in my opinion. I germinated the seeds until I saw them crack I let them germinate for a extra day. That morning I took them outside (I took all the weeds out before). Okay so I made 3 holes about from the last joint to the tip of my index finger and just put them in, and watered them everyday. Plant them in a sunny spot btw, I also laid seed starter on them before I watered the first time and that's it. :smoking:

    Man I typed a lot ;)
  2. Anyone think this will be a success?
  3. yeah it will be a success. free the weed.​

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