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Success Stories About Bringing Edibles Or Bud On Cruise

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Snoop Khalifa, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. That's so sick! I'm going to try to buy a nice pipe in the Caribbean. I would buy bud on an island but I'm too scared haha.
  2. Sounds like you had an awesome time. I want to visit Amsterdam one day...I envy you haha.

  3. Nice!! Jamaica is great, Margaritaville is a hot club, if you dock in Ocho Rios check it out. Have fun bro!!
  4. Thanks man! Will do!
  5. I have taken weed with me on every cruise I've been on.... and blunt wraps. You jeep the weed on you AT ALL TIMES. I cannot express Howe important that is. Don't put it inn your luggage, carry on.... and especially not in your safe. They say they take drug sniffing dogs on the ship when docked and if the dog " alerts "
  6. I've done it. I take weed. Just keep itty pin you at all times. I cannot express that enough. Once been on many crises I take blunts too and smoke then while cruising. Be smart. Be cautious. There are losers that Hagee nothing better too do on their vacation but try to ruin someone else's. There are so many people and cabins if your smart about itty you'll be fine. They can't actually tell where the smell is coming from. Take precautions.... room spray, balcony room.... defiantly, although i hanged done it in an inside room.... first cruise....i was shifting bricks.... it's been a balcony room every time after that.... and trust and believe I use it... the stuff i bring and the balcony. Just remember keep it on you always. Not in luggage. Don't leave it in your room and most importantly.... dingy put it inn your safe.... I'm taking both this time.... edibles and smoke and they will be in my body... the wraps I just put in my luggage.... they're cigars... they have cigar bars for use.
  7. true! Never take it back with you. Smoke it the night b4 out dump it. Leave some in your car for the ride home!
  8. leg me finish.... if the dog alerts they check your cabin. The dog doesn't need to alert... they just go around opening peoples safes with a crew member from the ship.... and they can.... without warrant... different county... different rules. Keep that shit on you at all times. I did smoke in my cabin on my balcony though... just not while docked.... find another " safe place " while docked in a foreign country. Happy travels! You'll be fine just play it smart... don't get careless.... there are people who would have no problem ruining your vacation.... as sick as it may sound.... some people just suck and CAN'T mind their own P's & Q's.... maybe they should get laid more often.... they're probably the ones that never get it. They have nothing better to do.... sadly for them.
  9. So easy...... edibles can go in your luggage. Just repackage it in a ziplock or something and don't put in any alcohol in the bag because they will search it if they see a bottle in the scanner machine.

    You can also probably just carry it on you too. There is no searching. They only have drug dogs when you leave the cruise (could a drug dog smell edibles on a person, I suppose lol)

    Also, I would avoid smoking it. Try edibles. If someone gets a whiff and reports you that could suck.

    Happy sailing!

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