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Success Stories About Bringing Edibles Or Bud On Cruise

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Snoop Khalifa, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. I know there are many threads similar to this. But the OP's of those threads never really say if they made it successfully on the cruise with edibles or bud!
    Anyways, I'm going on a cruise in three months and planning to bring edibles with me.
    I want to know if anyone has had success bringing those items or knows any stories of others doing it.
    I will share my outcome whenever I get back off the cruise.
    So if you did, how did you do it?
    If you know someone who did,how did they do it?
  2. I assume you mean a cruise ship?

    I have been on multiple cruises. I think you should be ok bringing it on. I never have because I always fly and I wouldn't bring bud on an airplane. They have drugs dogs sniff your bags on your re entry in to the United States (disembarkation day). So if you bring bud on board, smoke it all on board.
  3. Yeah I meant cruise ship. And alright thanks blade!
  4. I got on with smoke, it was easy. Ship security is tight but they make it as unobtrusive as possible, don't want to harass the customers. Customs is way different, it's their job to harass you. Leaving the country is no hassle though.
  5. Yeah that's what I been learning. How'd you do it?

  6. This is a story I heard, I can't verify this. But the second to last day of a cruise a few years ago, this guy i was acquaintances with on board asked me if I smoked. I knew what he was getting at and said yeah. He said he just smoked his last joint. He was from the east coast. He said he got an ounce on a plane by breaking all the buds down and stcking it in a thick hair product container. I'd assume he put the weed in a bag before sticking it in a hair product container (like moose) I think. Might be worth a shot. If it worked getting on a plane it'd def work getting on a ship
  7. I had a friend that got stuck in a jail in Mexico and missed his cruise.

  8. in my luggage, not my carry-on or in my pockets. Finding a spot and a time to smoke was tough though, people on every deck at all times... i think it's a great idea to bring edibles. I don't think you'll have any problems.
  9. Wow that's a great idea and will most likely work on a cruise. Thanks for the reply!
  10. Damn that blows. Is he allowed to come back to the U.S. ?
  11. Yeah I was thinking about just putting the edibles in my backpack but I'll probably put it in my luggage. And yeah you're right. People are constantly on the deck. What cruise line did you go on?
  12. I went when i was like 14.. like previous posters stated getting it on the ship is a cake walk. Just actually being able to enjoy and use the bud would be a challenge.. Just burn it all before you enter the states cause they are looking for importation of drugs
  13. Edibles. That's where it's at.
  14. Yeah true that. Thanks for the information!
  15. Definitely. I love them.
  16. [quote name='"Snoop Khalifa"']

    Yeah I was thinking about just putting the edibles in my backpack but I'll probably put it in my luggage. And yeah you're right. People are constantly on the deck. What cruise line did you go on?[/quote]

    Royal Carribean... haiti, jamaica, virgin islands and cozumel. Explorer of the seas was my ship, which one are you taking?
  17. On a family cruise about six yrs ago, on our stop in Cozumel Mexico, my brother in law got an eighth of some amazing green for like fifteen bucks, he rolled it up tight, put it in a flat baby wipe container box at the bottom of my nephews diaper bag, and put it at the bottom of his stroller, he also bought a small stone pipe from the guy and tucked it in the bag. And when we boarded back on the ship they simply sat the stroller off to the side while we checked back in. He and my sis had a private balcony cabin on the top deck, and my folks took my nephew for the night, my girl at the time and me chilled with them smoking out on the balcony. The girls then went shopping while we smoked a couple of Cuban Cohibas, they came back, we smoked some more and then we hit the midnight buffet. Cant even express the awesomeness of the trip.
  18. took a ferry to masterdam earlier this year from the uk... ate a hella big cake (the good type) before getting back on it, all i can say is wow.. never been so high in my life. eating it is definetly the best high you can get
  19. and of course i was already high from non stop smoking the dams finest
  20. Carnival Cruise line to Jamaica and I think the Bahamas. Can't wait! Might just put edibles in some cargo pants that I'll wear since its only a metal detector.

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