success buying a single seed.

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  1. hi there, I want to buy a single seed from pick n mix, I only have the money for the 1 seed and the shipping. I'm just wondering if anyone has had a successful grow from just buying 1 seed. I'm worried about germination

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    Well i just got a bunch of seeds, planted 6 and 6 germinated. Very happy with my vault and my single seed company orders. You can expect 80-90 % will germinate so it's always a gamble if you buy just one. Odds are in your favor.
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    If you only have money for one seed, it's going to be one hell of an uphill battle! Good luck! I been there, done that, if you want some money saving techniques but aren't afraid of a little work send me a message.

    And you have about an 8/10 chance these days for seeds. PNW has too many seeds for his own good, maybe he'll send you a freebie hahaha ;)

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