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  1. I need input on what you guys think might be the highest quality 12inch subwoofers....
    Im trying to set off car alarms with this shit and wake my neighbors a mile away so what else would I need? high wattage subs? a large amp? what brand?

  2. Why do you want to piss people off? That's not cool.

  3. thanks for you help doosh. anyone have some real input for me?
  4. Get rockford fosgate amps they provide good clean power that make your subs pound hard.. they have very high quality subs to that i recommend. and get your shit wired professionally. Also need a power capacitor so it doesnt drain your battery.
  5. You might also might want to check Fi audio they got very high quality subs that pound hard. I recommend, very clean sound and very good bass.
  6. +1 on the Fi shit, they have some excellent subs. If I wereto build a sick system i would go with the Orion HCCA series. I had an Orion HP series 12" in the factory Orion ported box in the trunk of my 9now-dead) '96 grand am and it was an earth-shaking experience. With the 12" HP hooked to a 1800W kenwood(limited to 900W@1 ohm) and a 200W rockford fosgate w/2 rockford P1 10" subs tuned to the higher frequencies I can honestly say I was dying in that car when the bass was turned all the way up. I never brushed snow off my car in the winter, just jumped in, warmed the car up and turned up the stereo (I live in MN so we get quite a bit of snow). I had a dent in my roof and when the HP hit the dent would pop out from the SP levels. There are lots of options out there for you but if you're specifically looking for 12s I can reliably tell you that Orion doesn't cut corners on their products. I tested a 12"HCCA before buying my HP12 and decided that it was TOO MUCH for my car. Orion FTW.

    Bottom line for a (fairly) chep and reliable option get 2 Orion HP12s in a built-to-spec ported box, match them to a high-quality amp, lock them down in your trunk, and go. If you're not looking to drop the cash on Orion, then check out crutchfield, pick up something that fits your budget, and have a local installer throw it in. As an installer, I can tell you that it is worth the money X10 to have someone experienced handle the install for you. An improperly matched setup can (and will) sound like absolute shit. Right now i'm pounding only 200W from an Alpine amp through 2 10" subs in a bandpass, and the sound quality far exceeds that of many cars i have seen with 500+ watts of poorly installed equipment.

    For your needs, it sounds like even ONE 12"/1k sub will fit the bill nicely. You will pound hard without breaking the bank, and if anyone tells you otherwise, they are just plain ignorant. You don't need 5k+ watts to tear up a block (trust me, been there, done that). Put in a proper install from a local pro, and you WILL be 110% satisfied.

    best of luck to you sir

    RiPPeD :cool:

  7. Exactly, the best subs can not sound good unless built into a properly engineered and constructed box. And I'm not talking about some off the shelf POS. If you're not getting what you want with less than 500 watts, you don't have a well built system.
  8. I appreciate the knowledge my friend. Thank you for your input.:smoke:
  9. +1 for Fi they make REAL nice subs and they are made in the U.S if that matters to you. You should check out the Fi BTL series if you want people to think the world is ending when you drive by. As for amps some brands I can reccomend... Orion, Sundown, PPI,Rockford Fosgate, Alpine has some good ones. Brands to stay away from if you want top of the line.. sony, pioneer(has some good subs on their high end models but can't say much for amps and such), Rockwood and brands that try to sound like high quality companies are a def. no no. Anything at Walmart stay away from.
    Also if you have any doubts about putting it in yourself you should bring it in to have it done and capacitors are pretty much useless unless your trying to bling up your system, just my .02

  10. Getting a little anoyed? How do you think people that have to listen to sub's that don't really want to feel?

    I like my tunes as much as anyone else, just not as LOUD.

    Getting defensive? I didn't say you had a POS box, I said don't go buy a POS off the shelf box.

    I have designed and constructed several "boxes" for my nephew and friends. The last one just barley fit in his trunk, needed only 300 watts to give any guy in the back seat a boner!
  11. Dude... another +1 for FI Theyre one of the best subs out there. FI BTL 12's if you wanna go that route, id prefer one 15" really. Also if thats not really in your budget My friend has 1 alpine type R 12" in a big ass box and that shit pounds. Not alarm sounding hard but pretty damn hard.

    Also maybe some SMD subs (steve meade) its basically the same as FI, or RE audio has some nice subs too. also Audio Que

    Amps are the most expensive thing though especially if your gonna run 2 BTL's theyre like 2000 w RMS each...
  12. For some reason I doubt that. Boxes are a big part of it, and the bigger it is (while still keeping it in range for your sub) the harder it will pound because it moves more air, but 300w isnt gonna do it.

    Id like to know about this box you build for 300w, my friends alpine i mentioned is in a big ass box, probably at least 3 cubes and 1200 or so watts.
  13. So the op wants his system to hit super hard :D like concusion in your chest hard? and tearing up in the eyes hard! yea. im getting some flashbacks as i type :hello: my brother has always had nice sound system. gez the concusion of air in a vehicle is amazing. Fi makes very nice subs. also if you want a really high powered amp. look up US amps. if you go on a good dedicated audio forum there are still some old school audio guys lurking. im big into the old school equipment.
  14. Yep yep. is good but its hard to get alot of input from the users unless youve been on there for a while, and post often.

    Us amps is deffinatley good, I think theyre part of RE audio also...
    RE XXX is sposto be 2000w thermal handling... im not sure if that means rms or max... but hey theyre big as fuck and nice subs... RE SX subs are pretty nice too i think theyre about 1000w rms.
  15. I'd recommend JL Audio's. My friend sells those all day, and with just one JL 12 in his trunk at the time I could hear my car vibrating a car ahead of him when he had his volume set pretty low.

    And they're quality also.
  16. Im trying to get two 15s in the trunk real soon :cool:
  17. i have a 36 watt bass a 18 watt 12 inch sub and 2 others total watts 70 and my system is in my room and its fuckn loud it shakes my floor and the quality of the sound is cyrstal clear
  18. Get 2 12" Interfire Pro's, If you can afford it a 10" of the same sub. Build a custom ported box for the 2 12"s, and a seperate sealed box for the 10. Id push em with MA Audio Amps. Once again, if price permits I'd use an individual amp for each sub, but u can run the 12"s on a single amp as long as the 10" has its own for tuning purposes. Get some Rockford Fosgate component speakers and a good aftermarket head unit. Some tweeters will wrap it up. The 12s catch the low lows, the 10s catch the mid lows, the components catch all the mid highs, and ur tweets catch the highest notes. If you wanna wake people up from a mile away, this will do it easily, and when they wake up they be able to sing along. Not just have a headache. :hello::hello::hello:
  19. RE also has great subs. i amost bought RE8's those magnets are huge on those things. but i ended up with 4 sundown audio E8's instead. maybe i will switch :D
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    thermal handling is the coils power handling with no regard for mechanical limits of the suspension or anything

    the enclosure is your greatest factor in sensitivity, response, the purely subjective, whatever.... if you can build it sensitive you don't need to waste a bunch of energy

    power and dB:
    W*2^x ~ x*3dB
    you do the math lol
    10 dB generally sounds twice as loud

    so I dunno
    you don't need a big amp
    you don't need a big sub
    a good installation can make great tunes out of low-grade equipment and a bad installation can make raunchy sounds out of high-grade equipment

    that said
    it's worth the research time to figure it right out
    this is a scene where a lot of people know everything or know what people who 'know everything' have said and they love to share

    what vehicle is this going in? how much room can you give to the substage and amplifiers? what's the budget? how loud do the stock speakers get before they sound bad? do you need externally amplified components up front or will you be happy with something less drastic? if you're not thinking about touching the front stage, you probably aren't looking at BTL sorta territory. SSD from Fi would suit you just fine.. anything higher and at least in terms of capability, you would have a very unbalanced system...

    there are many different brands
    Stereo Integrity
    DC Audio
    Digital Designs
    Sound Splinter
    SoundSolutionsAudio subs seem well-received
    Elemental Designs (here's a cool combo Elemental Designs: Car Stereo, Home Speakers, Electronics)

    still your box is the greatest consideration imo
    I go here
    About PWK Designs « PWK Designs

    edit: thought I'd share that since building my own system a few people I know have gone the mainstream route and when they show me and tell me what they paid I am disappointed that it sounds completely non-musical, does not get down into the funnest frequencies at all, and it distorts really freaking early ... the difference between sitting in my car and in theirs has been in all cases like a massage with a burlap sack by someone with terrible arthritis and really weak hands or, you know, a masseuse -- one skilled at what they do

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