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  1. neone one here like subway?

    its one of my favorite things to eat when im stoned, atleast as far as "fast food" goes. plus tehy make it in front of u n i have ocd :)

    if so whats ur fav sandwhich? which one do u think is the best?
  2. quiznos is good too expensive, but i think the best place is taco bell when price is short or Chipotle when u got the cash.
  3. had myself an italian bmt... wasnt so great actually.

    knew i should of stuck with my regular Steak and Cheese... yummmmm...

    subway is great, but i still dont understand all the freshness bullshit... its equal too, or LESS fresh than Mcdonalds.

    just because they show you the food, doesnt mean its fresh. If you walked into the back of mcdonalds, and watched them make your burger, would the meat be any less old? and am i the only person that notices the MICROWAVE sitting on the counter at every subway in the world? You WATCh them microwave the meat?? nothings wrong with that.??

    Fresh?? No.

    Good?? YES!

  4. Actually the only place I ever noticed that microwaves fast food is Burger King. I don't eat deli-style fast food though, I don;t see the point when you could just go to a real deli!?!?!?!
  5. well subway is pretty good but i hate goin in there when high its to hard for me to tell them what sounds good so i end up havin a crappyt sandwich i like Tbell and popeyes and mcdonals,wendys burgereking,KFC...
  6. I just found out we have a subway around here. actually its not really around here, its about 30 min from my house, but thats the closest one! I havent been there kind of curious. their commecials, all the food is so bright! coem to think of it, its *really* bright..thats not exactly normal..I dunno maybe ill try it one day im out there. probably not. theres a manhatten bagel there too.

  7. Just go to your local deli and you be getting much better food. Waaay better, without that international weird smell associated with the inside of Subway.
  8. its not just the smell.. its the taste too.

    every sandwich tastes identical too me. unless you put differant sauce on it, then it tastes mildly differant.

    but thats the beauty! its good! all good! pick anything! (except tuna sub... blech...)
  9. All of the subs taste way different...but no matter what, it's good food. it's nice being able to pick everything exactly how you want it..and it's healthy.
    definitely my favorite fast food restaurant.
  10. ^^^
    right on

    thats the beauty of it ..theres so many chocies its like being in munchies heaven (as far as subs go)
  11. I remember this one time me and my friend were tryin g to get a sub, and totally smacekd. The guy was laughing at us, and thought we were stupod just cuz we asked what kind of cheese they have...they pissed me off.
  12. veggie sub....mmmmmmmm
  13. I like the BMT.. I like some of the others too..

    I get the veggie at least every other time..

  14. yeah :) I love the mom and pop delis. we have one riiiight down the street. talk about hooking you up! and none of that scary kind of bright freshenss
  15. I've only had subway once, but I have friends who love it....
  16. All you fortunate people with all this sandwhich-money...

    I have to pantomime my sandwhich-eating activities...
  17. Ya, Subway is some good shit. Especially the turkey sub on white bread damn its good turkey. Little expensive though, I only get it once in awhile, when I have coupons haha.
  18. I was stoned at subway once, and the guy said "you want a cookie?" I laughed for atleast 5 minutes straight.
  19. Luke are you feeling nostalgic today? *Feels forehead* Your burning up! :smoking:

    Moving back on to topic. mmmmm Subway. Nothing looks better, It looks fresher, But good call, its only as fresh.
  20. Best sub ever!! Is ham and cheese on itallian cheddar bread, with lettuce, pickles olives and the itallian dressing in the little packets.

    We also have a firehouse subs in fayetteville that is really good, but the best subs are at a place called loafin joes! They actually have HOMEMADE CHIPS!! They are REALLY REALLY good too!

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