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Subway or Quiznos

Discussion in 'General' started by TheBlade, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. A few of you said that Quiznos doesnt TOAST there subs, they do it every single time right infront of your eyes... And the price issue? You can get a 12 inch sub *footlong* which has tons more meat, any additional toppings, sauce, and premieum cheese for 5 dolla.. Although it is good meat and not non-fat it is still a way better value. You look at subway sandwich it is a smushed piece of terd with 3 slices of meat... You go to quiznos the big ass peices of bread are dwarfed by the meat.. comon seriously people its such a better investment dont ya think?:smoke:

    Edit: and mr burnz firehouse subs are indeed delicous!! there is one right down the street from where I live
  2. I don't think anyone said that, dude... ;):p
  3. I used to like Quiznos better. For two years, I only went to Quiznos.

    Then I realized that no matter what I ordered at Quiznos, it ALWAYS tasted exactly the same! Maybe it's the spices they use, I don't know, but I do believe that a ham sandwich and a turkey sandwich should tasted differently...

    It's been Subway ever since.

    As a side, it's way pricier, but does anyone else think Potbelly's is the best sandwich chain?
  4. Quiznos.

  5. fuck quiznos with their overpriced bullshit.
  6. :hello:
  7. Quiznos is over priced but damn good. I would still rather have a bomb chile verde burrito though.
  8. I vote for Togo's
  9. I prefer Subway
  10. Oh srry junkiedays i guess noone really did say that.. But I said that referring to your comment on how you enjoyed subway when they toasted and thought you thought that quiznos didnt toast subs but nvm. :smoke:
    And about the price thing, I dont really know people who dont get the 5 dollar footlongs so I dont see how Quiznos is pricier when its 5 dollars also. And to the mate above me yes the meats do taste the same in a way.. You can easily tell roast beef, and chicken from the other 2 meats cause thats some of there signature products.. The Ham and Turkey do taste alike, they do use same spices dpending on what you get.. So if you want health subway is way to go but i find that it DOESNT taste good.. if you want the beef quiznos ftw? I should have made a post/survey thingy:confused:
  11. I like fire house. Considering I have worked for Subway 5+ years I have eaten my fair share of Subway. Publix also makes good subs.
  12. I like Subway, because it's closer to me than Quiznos. Also, $5 for a 6" sub, chips, and a drink is a damn good deal.
  13. well it depends I really like the meatball sub and that's a subway thing but quiznos has me sold on taste all the subs from them as really friggn amazing
  14. its a close call but Im going with Quiznos
  15. QFT sir!
  16. Neither. Local delis are better.

  17. Fuck yeah man. JJ's started in my town, and my best friend works there and hooks me up with free food all the time. :hello: :D

    #9, No tomato or vinegar, with salt & vinegar chips. OH GOD I WANT ONE SO BAD NOW.
  18. Same, the only thing Quiznos had going for them IMO was the toasted thing. The Quiznos near my house is really crappy anyway, the meat is always slimy and gross.
  19. worked there too, fuckin bangin (hunters club, add dijon, onions, o/v, spices, and definitely the cherry peppers)
    or (beach club, no sprouts, no tom., add onions, o/v, spices, and only 2 pieces of cheese, rather than 4)

    being an employee at all three sub places

    id have to say, i dont like any subs at quiznos except their chicken subs

    at subway, i could make any sandwich bangin
    better sauces too

    btw, there are 6 subs you can get at quizno's for 5 bucks
    they are NOT footlongs
    they are 10", our large size

    someone said that you have everything at your house to make any sub at these places
    i really really doubt that
    unless you eat your subs plain

    but i load mine up with veggies, and if i were to buy all those veggies at the store, it would be more expensive, end up going bad, and wouldnt taste the same
  20. ^I LOVE flavor, so that's a good aspect of Quiznos in my opinion. I used to love Subway more, but recently I have found myself going to Quiznos over Subway. I like Subways bread options, but Quiznos wheat bread is still damn delicious and their meat has more flavor.

    But..... Cheba Hut > Everything else :smoke:
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