SUBWAY any footlong for $5 perfect munchie

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    Ahh I didn't even smoke and that Chicken Teriyaki footlong was delicious.

    Highly recommend hitting up SUBWAY while they have the ANY footlong sub $5 offer.

    Other good footlongs:

    *Chicken Bacon Ranch, BMT never fails but is always $5, spicy italian.

  2. I dont think its any. Its just their more popular ones when you read the fine print.
    A BLT for instance.
  3. I just went and picked up a chicken bacon ranch, and a nasty ass seafood sensation for my wife. Fucking nasty.

    It's any of the subs except for the ones under "double stacked and premium." Pretty good deal
  4. It's a limited offer going on right now, at least by me? I know it's any footlong they offer, the only exclusions are double deckers and the philly cheesesteak and one other..

    The chicken teriyaki is usually like a $7 some dollar footlong, got it for $5 last night. :D
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    Yea, doesnt matter much to me, everyone knows I always say that food is not meant for human consumption.
    It comes out in the same mass it goes in.
    One time my friend had a subway sammich and took a shit in my bathroom and the nasty bastard stank up my bathroom, it smelled like subway food, thats how you know its bad.
  6. Haha that's funny. I ate the entire footlong before I went to bed, woke up this morning went to the bathroom and my shit smelt like the onions that were put on in large quantity. Pretty crazy haha
  7. We've been so busy because of this...sooooo many chicken bacon ranch
  8. sooooooooooooo scrumptiously delicious!!!
  9. I thought it was just for certain footlongs. THen i checked their site and they have it where its like any sub for 5$. Chicken bacon ranches cost like 8$ a footlong now their 5$ LOL. Hell yeah! :hello:
  10. I love the turkey and ham, chicken teriyaki, and meatball subs. Scrump-diddly-umptious.
  11. Buffalo Chicken and Chicken Pizziola FTW.
  12. I hate that $5 footlong crap. The veggie used to be under 5, bullllllllllllllshit.
  13. is there anything more frustrating than being stuck in the subway line behind somebody who can't decide what they want.
  14. italian herbs n cheese turky with mayo

  15. you work there then? does it cost more to add avacado still or can i ask for avacado turkey and not be charged lol...
  16. i was actually in line behind this gay black dude, who had some SHORT ass shorts on, like waaay above the 90's old-man style basketball shorts. he also had some hairy ass legs, talked like a gay guy(you guys know what i mean), and didn't know what the fuck he wanted. oh and he smelled like shit. no joke, i never went back to that subway again, it was a traumatizing event.
  17. ^that made me LOL hard

    i used to get the chicken bacon ranch fairly often until i found out that they have so many calories in em and I'm trying to be semi healthy.

    The sweet onion chicken teryaki and roast beef are both amazing though
  18. Chicken Bacon Ranch is a winner. Also good is the plain chicken breast, with honey mustard, lettuce, tomato, black pepper, whatever cheese you like. Get some sunchips (garden salsa), or baked lays and crush them up and put them on the sandwich. This is very healthy (very low fat - their honey mustard is fat free) as the only fat comes from the cheese, which you can always leave off.

    If you're unfortunate enough to be confined to subway that is - Quizno's now has the same offer, and their subs are magnitudes better. If you live in one of the 5 states fortunate enough to have Wawa, Quizno's is the only better sandwich you're likely to find.

  19. It shouldn't cost more
  20. Please people when u order a sub just say what footlong u want just saying "I want a 5 dollar footlong" pisses us off we know there five dollars. Also just say wheat or honey oat instead of 9 grain honey oat

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