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  1. Im from the country and just moved to the suburbs will my neighbors smell the weed?
  2. No.

  3. They're all toking too man dont even worry.
  4. yes they wi;;. no dont do it. theyll catch ou. theyre aftet you manr ight now as we speak RUN THE FUCK AWAY
  5. Are you growing 300 plants in your basement or breaking into their house and smoking in their bedroom? If you answer no to that question, you will be fine.
  6. How did u know about my growing
  7. I mean, if you are smoking on your back porch and by suburb, you mean one of those complexes where the houses are like 30ft away from each other, then ya.. they will. It is tough to say with the description you gave.
  8. Im only asking cuz theres a cop down about five houses i dont care about the other neighbors
  9. Hell yeah they'll smell it, but with so many people in such a small people, it's impossible to accuse unless they see you. welcome to the burb life amigo haha :smoke:
  10. brah where im at upstate. next door neighbor is a CO. house infront is a sherriff whos strapped for war... im smokin outside,inside on the side. your good!

    where you live in a city in a small apartment, thats when you got problems.
  11. Fuck citys suburbs r bad enough

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