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Suburbs of Chicago Purp pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Kosto18, May 30, 2009.

  1. good shit

    shitty camera phone



  2. even with the shitty camera it looks pretty damn dank. Nice dank :D
  3. wow is that nug like 5 inches long? lol
  4. nice nug even with a shitty camera phone :p
  5. Damn man, that is some purple bud!
  6. That's one sexy bud...
    Which suburbs do you stay at? Im in the northwest suburbs.
  7. nice camera phone, nug looks dank.:smoke:
  8. southwest suburbs, Plainfield area

    thanks everyone for your comments on the bud

    i wish the whole half was as good lookin as this nug
    most of the half was very leafy but was covered in a light frost, with orange hairs

    i could upload pics if you guys want
  9. #9 LeeZy, May 30, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 30, 2009
    what suburb are you from? One of my parents live in winfield, and I might be working done there this summer.

    i'm just curious if this is close to my area, not looking for a hook-up, more of a census.
  10. Nice herb. Let's see the rest of the half.
  11. :hello: Chi NORTHWEST SUBURB!!!
    HIT ME UP!!! We gotta smoke then haha
    But yea srsly message me becuz i need bud and my fkkin fone broke.
    Lost my dealers #s :(

    We Shall Smoke Soon haha
    Message :smoke:
  12. Damn I'm on the southwest side too, Palos/Orland Park area. I'd love to get my hands on some of this shit.
  13. other nice parts of the half O of purp...enjoy

    tho it is very leafy, when grinded up and bong ripped
    very very relaxing baked :)




  14. very interesting...right under my own eyes in the sw burbs but I dont have it! haha jk looks real nice...i havent seen any purps (the strain) this year, but last year around this time we had some like this and then another batch that were greenless... lets keep this IL union goin!
  15. NW burbs right here...

    20 min within WoodField

    (picked up a dime from some guy off the street there once... turned out to be schwag thats 50% stems) :(

    just a side story...
  16. purps is around the chi right now, i got some really purple (like really purple) stuff too. :smoking:
  17. me too Mount Prospect

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